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  • Dennis Holford

    Ok im a guy so im gonna say what i think about it from my perspective. I find that nowadays alot not all but alot of females use their backside as leverage to get ahead in life. I mean look at all the silicone rumps out there, to me a confident, intelligent, loves what her mama gave her, and not afraid to take on the world type of woman is the prototype perfect woman for me. If you cant love yourself dont expect someone else to do it. I feel that its sad that urban culture has glorified being ‘ratchet’ smh. I remember when girls were in the street doing the twerk dance, they had to do it when their mom wasnt looking lol. i just seen a video on wshh where their are toddlers doing this dance and the parents are filming it cheering it on smh. Ok ok let me stop venting, i just had to add my two cents.

  • Michi Chassagne

    Good perspectives above! Thanks for sharing the thought process with your community. +Michi

  • Vanessa

    That is exactly how I feel!

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