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Let’s Chat: Holiday Edition!

Let’s Chat: Holiday Edition! Posted on December 24th, 2013 in Musings.

Sooo remember when I ran around the super market asking people questions about Thanksgiving? Well I had so much fun, I decided to whip out my microphone and do it again! This time around I went to Abbott Kinney (an adorable little street in Venice) and I asked people a bunch of Christmas and New Years themed questions. And I got a special assist from my wonderful sister, Chudney!! Now… LET’S CHAT!

PS. Leave your answers to the questions in the comments!


  • di

    Merry Christmas to you Ms. T and to Your Family and Love Ones!!:)

  • Lauren

    Suggestion: Please start talking to us on fb when positive comments and questions are asked. Others do it on their page and it makes a BIG difference. :O) Love ya, girly!!!

  • David Harlan

    Tracee, Is the coat in your recent photo on Facebook Purple??

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