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It’s That Time Again!

It’s That Time Again! Posted on August 13th, 2013 in Musings.

It’s time for another installment of Your Questions, My Answers! You can submit your questions by:

– Uploading a video response on YouTube
– Tweeting it to me with #AskTracee
– Commenting on my Facebook posts
– Commenting below
– Writing it in the sky…

Can’t wait to answer more of your questions! Oh, and in case you missed the previous Q&A’s you can check out them out here, here & here!


  • Karma Style

    On the amaze show ‘Girlfriends’ I remember you had a small keloid on your chest. I have one too and I wondered how you got rid of yours. It would help me to find away to sort out my one. Thanx and hugs from London

  • R.S.U.

    I moved to LA 7 years ago with the goal of taking you on a date. It never happened. I’m happily married now, so the window has closed. However, I thought you should just know… just sayin’

  • Abiola

    Can we work on fashion together?

  • Ayesha Reynolds

    Can you tell the world about something super amazing and worth while that we are doing. We want you to be on our Caravan of Change?

  • David Harlan

    Did you see the wonderful way Oprah explained the N word, it was an AHH HA moment to hear Oprah explain why she does not use this awful word. I have tried to shelter my children from people who might call them names, but while visiting my parents my children were called a name, not the N word but something derogatory, on a play ground, and I was stunned and didn’t know what to do or say. Have you experienced racism personally?

  • tatanisha mcnair

    How do you keep your face so beautiful. What do you use on your face.

  • mimi borden

    When did you first realize that your mom was “DIANA ROSS” ? Its very obvious that you and all your siblings have wonderful parents…You all are truly blessed. Thank you for your time…

  • Smitty D. Smith

    What movies do u like ? Action, drama, comedy etc ?

  • Smitty D. Smith

    aka Toney Dey

  • Kim k

    Have you ever had a major fit with your siblings ?

  • Kim k

    Have you ever had a major fight* with anyone of your siblings?

  • di

    It’s posted behind the Moon!:D

  • Adelaide

    Traceeeeeeeee, you said to sway your hips in a time of depression, to just sway, but what if you’re so down and depressed and lost in your mistakes, refusing to forgive yourself, that you’re so beaten up that you don’t even feel like moving let a lone swaying.

  • Rosy

    Are there any physical features on your body that you hated but eventually got over? What and how!?

  • Smitty D. Smith

    Do u date Men or Women ? or both ?

  • Smitty D. Smith

    Would u date a Steel Worker ? or do u only date rich people ?

  • Juna Jean

    Hi Tracee. I must say I have loved you since I discovered Girlfriends but I am new to the community of followers you have built. I love knowing that there is a celebrity out there with a personality similar to mine. Recently thoigh im not as up beat as I’ve always been. I am in a period of transition in my life. Transitioning from knowing everything and what I wanted in life to realizing I really have know idea what I want. I have a few goals and dreams but how did you know what it is you want to do with your life?

  • Yeldina

    Hi there,

    My name is Dina and I am a 25 years old. I was in a relationship that ended badly because it became toxic. I was emotionally drained and my self esteem was attacked by the other person to the point where what I ate and how much I ate consumed me. Now I catch myself bouncing from diet to diet, going up and down in my weight and it is CONSTANTLY on my mind. I don’t feel like I will ever look good enough unless I am a certain size with a flat tummy. I am not over weight but I am no model either. I stand at 5’4 and 150 lbs. My question for you is, minus the pressure of being in the public eye, when it comes to weight and being healthy, for yourself… Have you ever been pressured to look a certain way by the ones you love and can you please give me any advice that might help me move forward?

    Thank you

  • Smitty D. Smith

    What size shoes do u wear? How tall r u?

  • Smitty D. Smith

    Do u like cats or only dogs?

  • Smitty D. Smith

    What’s your phone number? lol.

  • IamMe

    Hi ms. Tracee

  • Swindy

    Hi Tracee! I am a 21 year old recent colllege graduate and will be attending grad school in the Fall. My life is pretty great except I have a hard time finding a boyfriend. Now I am not truly “pressed” about having one, I am loving the single life, but at times I feel a bit lonely and I want to experience being in love. I have tried online dating, hooking up (horrible) and just being patient but I feel like a loser. Advice please :)

  • Chris

    Hi Tracee, what would be your advice on how to build self-esteem and self worth, rather than relying on looks and self image?

  • MyVieBelle

    Hi Tracee! Ok, I have to say that I am a new follower via the internet/pintrest, etc. when it comes to you…but I have always admired you as the authentic person you’ve shared with us through TV, interviews, photography, etc.

    I feel like I’ve “come into my own,” so to speak, at 34…yea I wish it was 24 but ehh, I’m embracing it the best I can…I have good genes (so I actually look about 25/26) lol…anyway, if you do not mind sharing, when did you feel like you “arrived/came into your own?” By the way…love you even more when I found out you’re a fellow Scorpio, I’m October 24th …#ScorpiosRock

    Stay classy…you wear it well!

  • Guest

    I used the concept of a Ross family reality show for my webcomic, WINONA, INC. Would you and your sibs ever consider doing one? Would Mom join you?

  • Ms. Everything are talented and beautiful (not trying for brownie points) Do you think that being black is what has not allowed you to be in the mainstream (movies, et cetera)..I think many people agree that you have a leading lady thing about you.

    • kirk

      And to second Ms. Everything. When are we going to see you lead a movie? Do you read a lot of scripts? I can imagine there aren’t a lot of scripts written with your gorgeousness in mind.

  • I used the concept of a Ross family reality show for my webcomic WINONA, INC. Would you and your sibs consider doing one? How about your Mom?

  • I used the concept of a Ross family reality show for my webcomic, WINONA, INC. Would you and your sibs ever consider doing one? Would Mom join you?

  • Eboni Wright

    I must admit that I have never watched Girlfriends, nor do I know anything that you have done. I came across FB page and pictures, have you ever been a model? No, I don’t think that you should because your height and features. What other talents do you have that people don’t know about? What is your passion concerning YOUR life?

  • Alex Manigat

    Dear Tracee,

    I’m a big fan and greatly admiring you & all the work you’ve done! That said, there are two questions I’ve been dying to ask: 1. Would you ever consider having an intern? 2. What advice would you have for a 20-year old you that could be helpful to other young people?



  • Lita

    I was wondering if you sing. I’m from Detroit and grew up listening to her and the Supremes, some of Detroit’s greatest voices in Motown, and the entire country.

  • Lita

    I left out ….I grew up listening to Diana Ross….and wondered if you ever sing too.

  • Aliyah

    What is one lesson you’ve learned from Happy Hour?

  • Chay

    Do you have any new projects or films coming up? I love you so much Tracee.

  • Chay

    Girlfriends will always and forever be my favorite show. I miss it so much. Would you ever do a Girlfriends movie? If so how can we the fans make that happen? :) #Girlfriendsmovie

  • Tyrone

    your hair is amazing.

  • Shay

    As I’m getting older, I’m learning the tough lessons of friendship. Friends that I thought would always be a part of my life are slowly disipating. I know that sometimes we try to let people in our lives stay for longer than they need to. I’ve been pretty good in the past about stretching a person’s chapter in my life to try to fit the entire book if you know what I mean. I’m maturing, learning how to stand up for myself, and learning who is good and not so good for my life and where I want to go. My question is do you get through the changes? I know they are the right thing but how do you deal with the hurt of those people no longer being there?

  • McCall Jones

    Tracee, I would like to invite you to a dialogue about the miscommunication that goes on between men and women that often leads to lost love. We are serious about helping men and women crack the communication code so that more people can have fulfilling relationships. – McCall Jones

  • Tyrone


  • Tracee, Do you power your shoulders and neckline? I did when I when in drag for Halloween last year, and it gave my skin a soft-non oily look. Yes I’m a guy and i like beauty questions too.

  • Denise Q.

    Hi Tracee,
    I have a few questions for you. Do you believe that dreams (whether career or personal) have expiration dates? If not, what can someone do to stay encouraged?

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