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Introducing The Glorious Michael (pronounced Meek-a-el)!

Introducing The Glorious Michael (pronounced Meek-a-el)! Posted on April 1st, 2013 in Musings.

While on vacation with my family, I was again re-united with my nephews “main man,” Michael.  I noticed one day that Michael was always around (so to speak) and so in the same way an article of clothing creates a character or a scene for me, this little stuffed man created an entire persona and life. Oh my mind is such a fun place. So, Meet Meek-a-el: a lovely french man. He likes yoga, pasta, VOGUE and naps. He’s a lover of life. He is MICHAEL!  Enjoy this video introduction, hahaha!


  • misslionhunter

    HAHAHAHAH absoutely LOVE this. Day made!

  • Freddie

    Michael was too damn funny! Great piece of work Tracee. Hilarious!

  • That brighten up my day. Thanks so much!

  • David

    Your Crazy….Love the video from your Switzerland vacation. Thanks for including us.

  • David

    P.S. Please ask The Diva when she is coming to Florida my daughter is asking me…WHEN she is going to see Diana Ross agian (she is 5 and this will be 4th time) all three previous times Ms. Ross has asked Ava on stage with her.

  • Tracee, I love your hair, it is beautiful! I think that “you” are beautiful!

  • Loved!!! lol ^_~

  • Clevernolia

    I love this….i want to see more

  • Ann

    Wth!!! LOL!!! That was pretty funny!! That is something I would have thought about doing but not executed nearly as well…lol. I am sharing this. :)

  • Stephanie

    Omg LMAO!!!! This is too funny!! Love you Traceeee!!

  • David

    Of course I mean Diva with all the love and affection of a 35 year love affair.

  • Tracee can Michael and Bobby meet each other?

  • Tracee: So strange yet so marvelous!

  • Tayannah

    He needs to become friends with Marcel the Shell with Shoes on!

  • Stefany

    Oh. My God. This is what I believe they call true art.

  • I LOVED THIS!!! It was so fun and is something that I (would) totally do!

  • Can I just say again for the record: I ADORE you, Tracee! So creative!

  • very entertaining. I like it. Two thumbs up.

  • Stephenie

    LOL… love him :)

  • Erikka

    But why is he naked? lol

  • OMG….LOL…loved it!

  • schatzievonwyatt

    Gros bisous Michael! Adorablé.

  • tL

    LOL! This was great! A perfect way to decompress after work. Au revoir, Michael! Until next time!

  • Ash

    Looool I found myself doing the accent at work…hella funny!

  • yellow251

    Down dog down-LOL

    I love my life!

  • What a way to start my morning! Hilarious Tracee…hear youre in Chicago for an event tonight at the Chicago Theatre. True?

  • IfeT

    OMG, please make this a regular thing. Like once a month and share his view on various topics and make him have yummy, wonderful adventures…this is the best thing I’ve seen in years! And you are frigging HILARIOUS! I love your sense of humor xoxo

  • Love this! Love Michael and Love you Tracee!
    Thanks so much for this!!
    VIRTUAL HUGS!!! : )

  • Saquán

    “I love my life. I love my life. I love my life. I still love my life. I wonder if my fwend is inside. Ayello? F*&k it. I love my life” =D =D

    I Love me some Tracee!!

  • Redbean

    That was f*cking LOL funny.

  • Angie

    Lol! Seems like a familar story for some reason. Interesting video. Love it <3.

  • That was the cutest video ever! I am currently taking French so this gave me a good laugh ^.^ We love Meek-a-el

  • Angie


  • Tiff

    I think I can fly…I flew!

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