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  • JanelleAndrea

    I think Robert Pattinson has been confirmed to play the role :0/

  • Ness

    Hayden Christianson PLEASE Lawd!!

  • You will be happy to know Tracee that I will be playing the part of Christian Grey! Ha! I think you are awesome!

  • No one is good enough. No one is better than the guy in my head! I don’t plan to see any of the movies. :-) I don’t want them to ruin what I’ve already created!

    • Niki


    • GigiYoung

      Definitely agree!!

  • MWishes

    Matt Bomer…or Henry Cavill… or Michael Ealy, my personal favorite

  • Kathy. F

    The movie has been made already it’s called Secretary. Starring James
    Spader & Maggie Gyllenhaal.

    • Darlene

      I remember that movie!

  • Lorri

    Matt Bomer. He is beautiful enough.

  • I’d REALLY like to see Ian Somerhalder. Yum, yum, YUM! Google image him.

    • Reece

      I swear, his eyes are made of electricity…I’m convinced. But he’s so compact. I pictured someone a bit more filled out.

  • Henry Cavill gets my vote!

  • Armani Jane

    this is what I picture. Though Colin Egglesfield could play Christian too!

  • I’m not sure who will play the part of Christian in the movie 50 Shades but I think the best person should be either Ryan Gosling or Ian Somerhalder. they look angry enough to play the role some of the other choices just seem to be to babyfaced.

  • I say Ian Somerhalder!!!! Oh and by the way, take a listen to Dwele’s track “Obey”, it takes you back to the first book and he hadn’t even read the books!!! Lawd Lawd Lawd!!!

  • c.d.w

    paul walker….the chick from notebook rachel mcadams, or the kristen bell, or the chick who played veronica mars’s best friend i forgot her name

  • Ladies, please google ” Henry Cavil”. He is smothered in exquisite sexiness! Also, he will be our next superman!.I like Ian, but he’s too short to play Christian. Henry will not disappoint your libido and his physique is delicious.

    • Esoteric27

      Oh yeah. He’s perfectly hot and mysterious .

    • Reece

      LOL!!! I just posted about having my hopes totally dashed about that Henry Cavill casting. He would be so perfect for it, though. To me, he has the ideal balance of aloof and smoldering. Anyone who doubts it, I challenge you to get through an episode of the Tudors without your ovaries exploding…

  • Denise

    TOM HARDY. Yummmm.

  • Stina

    TOM HARDY! … Oh Laaawwwwwd, Tom Hardy!!! Have you seen Lawless? Just do it and you will get it.

    • Reece

      You better speak on it! #TomHardy
      But you don’t find him a bit rough around the edges for the character? I do.

  • Dez

    Matt Bomer from the show White Collar on USA puts me in the mind of how Christian Grey may look. He would have to wear grey contacts although he does have gorgeous blue eyes. ;*)

  • Maz

    David Gandy – British male model.

  • i’ve come to really like jay ryan – he plays the role of vincent keller on “beauty and the beast”. he’s dark and broody, does a great american accent (he’s australian), and gorgeous! i was all for ian somerhalder and matt bomer, but they are so well known, i think it would be better to have a lesser known actor play christian

    • Darci53

      Yes, yes, yes and oh my goodness yes

    • suga

      hes not Australian hes from New Zealand!

      • Darci53

        I’ m do sorry that’s my mistake. He is still a gift from God for all women ot appreciate.

    • Darci53

      I so agree and Jay Ryan is just the guy. I wish others would who don’t watch the show would look him up. mmm

  • some sexy black guy… with acting abilities… idk who that guy will be but he has to be sexy

  • jamila

    Michael ealy

    • Reece

      Michael Ealy would be an inspired choice for sure!

  • Reece

    I must say, after begrudgingly letting go of my “Henry Cavill as Christian Grey” hopes, I’ve now turned my attention toward a possibility that I hadn’t even thought of before a couple days ago: Jensen Ackles.

  • Guest

    I had to sadly and begrudgingly relinquish my choice of Henry Cavill. But a couple of days ago a new possibility for the casting was introduced to me that I would never have thought of: Jensen Ackles from Supernatural!

  • Diane

    Jay Ryan would be perfect. They need to be very careful on who they pick, it could make or break the movie.

    • Darci53

      I so agree Diane with everything you said. I just posted that I think he would be perfect too.

  • Darci53

    I would love to see Jay Ryan (Beauty and the Beast) OMG he is so Christian Grey. He is deep and low speaking and very sullan looking and very intense on the show he is just perfect. Wish people would check out the show and see how great he would be

    • littlegypsy

      Agree 100%

  • littlegypsy

    Jay Ryan from beauty and thebeast should play Grey. He is soooo sexy, mysterious, intense and oh did I say sexy!

  • ramla

    Jay Ryan. He’s just sooo hot. He’s got the entire package. He should definitely play Christian Grey!

  • Cross

    Jay Ryan for sure!

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