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TER - Halloween


Happy Halloween!

In honor of Halloween I wanted to share two fun Halloween photos of mine. The top picture is of my dad and I. Im such a scary little witch…ha! The second is me and my big sister, Rhonda. In 2000 she made a guest appearance on Girlfriends Halloween episode, and this picture was taken on set between takes! That was a fun episode. Joan was a sucker for “all things Holiday”!

What are you all gonna dress up as? Tell me, tell me! I will live thru you…no dressing up for me. Happy Halloween to all you girls and ghouls! Have fun and be safe!


  • ellesauvignon

    This was a cute episode. lol I remember looking at her on the show (before I paid attention to the credits on the dvd) and said, “that looks like Rhonda!” Love the pic of you and your daddy! You have always had that adorable bubbly personality. LOVE. Happy Halloween!

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