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  • you are so funny!; so authentic! :)

  • Jay


  • ellesauvignon

    I always wish you a happy birthday every year as if I really know you in real life! Lol I’ll be sure to give you a twitter bday shout out tomorrow :) Keep the vlogs coming! Love them!

  • love your honest energy. Keep it going!

  • Stephanie

    Tracee YOU embody all the things you mentioned that you love about women who know who they are! Your energy and spirit are SO amazing to me. You inspire me!

  • andrea

    HiLAR! I AM normal (in a good way, not conformist ‘normal’) and I LOVE that you are NORMAL too! LOL. You are ME on confidence!

  • Janel

    Who is your lipstick by? It looks amazing on you!

  • Kim Ross

    Hi Tracee!! I love Diana Vreeland too! She inspires me as well!!

  • Penny

    I love PINTEREST too. You are so “MY FRIEND IN MY HEAD.” Your vlogs always make me feel happier. And I am on a journey to be a happier person who is joy-filled. Thank You- Thank You!

  • Buhle

    Loved this vlog. Especially the bit about women who own & inhabit who they are. Totally have to check out this doccie :)

  • Tamica

    Happy Birthday!

  • Ornella

    I love your website, and I think you’re so funny and…real.
    Because you told us to tell you about things we discover (l’episode Alice Smith), I would like to tell you about this documentary I saw, and loved and was inspired by, called First Position. It follows 6 young ballerinas training for the Young America Grand Prix.

    But I am sure you knew about this already :)

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