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Currently Obsessed With… (Video Edition)

Currently Obsessed With… (Video Edition) Posted on October 13th, 2012 in Musings.

I’m in New York to host Black Girls Rock, and I’ve been having the BEST time! The show airs Sunday, November 4th on BET so stay tuned because I’m sure I’ll have lots to say about this incredible event! But I wanted to tell you now about two of my recent discoveries here in NY: the otherworldly talented songstress, Alice Smith, and the gorgeous jewelry of Lulu Frost. So obsessed with them both right now!


  • Ragbabs

    Two of my favorites! I keep Alice Smith’s new song, Martha, on replay. Although, I love every song from her first album, Love Endeavor is a sweet one for constant replay. As for Lulu Frost, I absolutely appreciated her numeric line of jewelry– side note, she was part of J.Crew’s, In Good Company, for a while. I can certainly keep in you the “know” of some hidden gems. I am a product and goods stalker!

    • Hey Ragbabs. Do you have an mp3 of her song Martha? I know it was never officially released and I’ve been trying to track one down that isn’t from a live show. LOVE that song.

  • ellesauvignon

    Oh my, I discovered Alice Smith about 6 years ago, and fell in love with her voice. She is so dope! I’m glad you caught the Alice bug too!

  • ellesauvignon

    Ok, so from now on, I will let you know about some amazing music, since our job is to keep you informed. LOL if you like jazzy R&B (I believe he is just considered a jazz artist), please get into Pete Belasco. Download these two albums – Deeper, as well as Lights On. Awesome mood/ambiance music, and I think you will love it. He has such a sensual voice, and the music itself is EVERYTHING, Tracee!

  • I have never heard of Alice Smith so I went and listened to some of her music and O.M.G she has an amazing voice… Thanks Tracee for letting me know about her. I love all things MUSIC……AWWWEEESOOOMMMMMEEE!!!!

  • kai jackson

    hi ms. ross,

    thank you for sharing yourself in a new and wonderful form with the world. please check out some of the following musical artists: somi, sara tavares, asa, and ayo. your spirit will thank you. much love and respect to you.

    kai jackson

  • dear ms. ross:

    thank you for sharing another part of yourself in this new and exciting forum with the world. please check out the following musical artists–your spirit will thank you. asa, ayo, nneka, sara tavares, and somi.

    much love and gratitude!
    kai jackson

  • i am sorry ms. ross however i forgot to mention of course meshell ndegeocello, valerie june, and joy denalane. good day ms. ross.

  • Amber

    Ok. I checked Alice Smith out and I too am a new fan. Such a great voice!

  • Samraweet
  • TenaciousLadyT

    LOL….You’re hilarious! YES Alice Smith is the truth! So glad you know about her know!

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  • prettyparticular

    Thanks for sharing. I had NO clue about Lulu Frost…I think I’m in love! lol

  • Mandy

    Alice Smith YES!!! Luv her. Saw her at Brooklyn Punk Festival and tons of times. She orginal, writes her music,shes down to earth..Fans love her to death and she recenlty had a Kick starter campaign to raise funds for her 2nd album which everyone is thrity for. No surprise it was funded beyond what she was looking for. Shes a breath of fresh air ..Get into Alice!! :)

  • Check out artist Valarie June and for jewelry, Peace Images has a nice line. You may have heard of her already.

  • Hope

    I had never heard of Alice Smith until like right now. Thanks for sharing #T.E.R

  • Whitney

    Alice Smith IS amazing! I love her so much! Sorry we didn’t tell you abt her lol

  • I had never heard of Alice Smith before I seen your picture with her on Instagram the other day. I looked her up on YouTube & she’s pretty DOPE! Thanx for sharing

  • rish

    oh tracee… you are so late lol ;) i have been obsessed with alice since 2006 (saw her perform at black lily in philly one year, and have been CRUSHING since!). so glad she’s doing well. whoooOOO!!!

  • Shinae

    Thanks Tracee for the tip on Alice Smith, heard her “new religion” on you tube…had to download the entire album, from the first note I knew she was extremely special! love this new site…I too am late to the Smith party but so glad I didn’t completely miss the bus!

  • Alice Smith is awesome. But yes, old news. You need to follow my yearly favorites list:

    I’m watching out for Cody Chesnutt, Marques Toliver to drop albums this month. Did you get turned onto Lianna La Havas and Alabama Shakes this year? And have you heard Tondrae Kemp? Actually, forget everything I just said, just look up Tondrae Kemp’s new album, Sun Money.

  • have you not seen this woman :)

  • Ashley M.

    Alice Smith is now my newest obsession also. Thank you Tracee!

  • Chissy

    How is it possible that the person I’m obsessed with is obsessed with the person I’m obsessed with?!!!!!

  • Freddie

    You are so funny. I had no idea who Alice Smith was but will go to good old You Tube and check her out. Love the necklaces and earrings!

  • andrea

    hilarious. don’t know alice or lulu but LOVE that someone besides me gets ‘giddy’ like, FORREALJOY! about stuff they love. aaaah, i’ve found my people!

  • andrea

    ok, i get it know. took me all of 90 seconds to FALL OUT FLAT over Alice Smith! W-OW!

  • Rolanda

    I am a new subscriber to your site. Okay, so I’m just a little bit late to the party.
    I must say, I find your approach of sharing your love of all things that make your heart go “pitter pat” is AWESOME. I am accustomed to celebrities not being present when they represent on line. Read-interns writing the blog, tweets, etc.
    I totally enjoy your “check ins.” Please continue them.
    You are a breath of fresh air in the crowded social media arena. Keep up the good work.


  • Alice is amazing…her voice LIVE is amazing! Her style is amazing…basically, she’s…amazing.

  • Ok, here are some of my “currently obsessed with…” items: Music
    Ghostpoet (Brit Dubstep/electronic/good music).
    Sunny Levine (if you’re on spotify, check out his playlists too).
    Also, I’ve had Raphael Saadiq’s songs on his Stone Rollin’ album – “Movin’ Down the Line” and the bonus track on “Answer” on repeat x12,000. To hear the bonus song, let the song “Answer” play until about the 5 minute mark…i’ve had the album for years and just discovered the track like last week…sooo ridiculously good to me.
    I’ve also been obsessed with drinking GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha…been replacing my daily morning coffee with this for about a week…good results so far. Plus no crazy jitters and dry skin from the caffine.

  • Alice Smith is the shit! I have been internet stalking her since Myspace. Also….peep a fellow curly girl *Little Dragon*. Their album is amazing. HOP TO IT!

  • lmao .. i love you! hilarious

  • Da-Shanda

    Alice’s voice is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  • MJ Hough

    Please keep these videos coming!!! I love your energy!

  • Yes, I love Alice Smith! I have her album “For, lovers,dreamers, and me”. I discovered her in college mmmmm…about 7years ago. It was an uh ha moment of music bliss when i was browsing/killing time in the virgin record store in SF and her song “Love Endeavor” was blasting and i grabbed the closet sales rep and had to know who the song was by and I’ve been a fan ever since!

  • I absolutely love you!!! this video is amazingly hilarious and informative.. lol you rock!

  • Patrise Henry

    Ms. Ross (please dont be offended, its just a showcase of the infinite RESPECT that I have for you), I LOVE LOVE LOVE you!! YOU are my style icon!! I love your spirit, your sense of humor, your brilliance, I love it all!! As soon as I saw your face pop up on the screen a smile grew on my face. Please continue to be the beautiful amazing and inspirational woman and legend that you are, because young, black, women like myself need a path to follow!! Be blessed, Have a wonderful day!

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