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Currently Obsessed With: Fall TV!

Fall TV
Currently Obsessed With: Fall TV! Posted on October 19th, 2012 in Musings.

A few weeks ago I asked about your favorite new shows, and there was an overwhelming response! I love it, and I totally get it. So I wanted to answer the question myself, and share what Fall TV shows I’m watching.

My Current TV Obsessions:
The Good Wife
Boardwalk Empire
30 Rock
Modern Family
Grey’s Anatomy

Am I missing something?  Do you have any other suggestions?


  • SenorBlue7

    Consider: Treme!, Breaking Bad, Boss, Hell on Wheels, Reed Between the Lines, Unsung, Luther, Scandal, Restaurant Impossible, Sweetie Pies’, and Blue Bloods.

  • Mikkimu

    Scandal is my new fave…..Kerry W. as Olivia Pope is abFAB, but FLOTUS (played by Bellamy Young) is some kinda terror! #addictive (I ♥ Parenthood too!!)

  • Jennifer Price

    I’m loving The Walking Dead! I never do “Scare entertainment” of any
    kind (tv/film/ haunted houses ect…) But this show is mixed with
    interesting storylines/issues ect… I also like Scandal and Revenge!!☻

  • My favs….Boss, Person of Interest and Revenge….totally addicted to all three!

  • sprasad

    I love How I Met Your Mother. Brilliant!

  • Freddie

    Love Modern Family! Love it madly! I never ever miss GRIMM, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries, Bones.

  • Anesha Castellano

    Tracee you’re missing Scandal (ABC), Touch (Fox, idk when the new season starts), Person of Interest (CBS), The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Revolution (NBC), BOSS (STARZ), The New Normal (NBC)

  • Guest

    you are missing Scandal and Revenge!

  • You should definitely check out Scandal, Welcome to Sweetie Pies, Extreme Cheapskates (unbelievable), The New Normal, For Better or Worse, Nashville, and Touch.

  • Pavielle

    You have to watch Scandal. It’s such a good show!

  • Chai

    OMGeeeee!! Get thee to ABC’s Scandal with Kerry Washington, you won’t be disappointed. Awesomely good from epi to epi;)

  • honey chile! boo boo! Scandal get on it or ur out the loop! Kerry Washington is fiyad

  • oh check out Sons of Anarchy also..honey plz u missing out

  • Lola

    Revenge is the best.

  • Juanette Benson

    You have GOT to watch Sandal! It is evvveeerrrrryyyyttthhhiiinnngggg!!! It has my girl crush Kerry Washington and her longing looks and expressive eyes! It is a very smart show, loves it.

  • Disa Chantel

    As [almost] everyone else already mentioned, you are INDEED missing out on Scandal!

  • As everyone else has mentioned, I really like Scandal, and depending on your taste I love, love , love American Horror Story!

  • DJD

    Love Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead, Dexter, Homeland, 30 Rock, Bones, and Modern Family. And some that are not back yet, True Blood, Newsroom, Luther, House of Lies, and Breaking Bad.

  • Kayla Todd

    I really like the show Nashville, not only cause I live in Nashville but it is full of drama! And I like Scandal as well.

  • Scandal has GOT to be #1. Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is the bizness!!!

  • Dee

    I think it’s unanimous…Scandal is number 1 on my list, then comes Dexter, Revenge, American Horror Story (Jessica Lang is off tha chainz!), Sons of Anarchy (just got my SAMCRO beanie in the mail today…yaaaay!), Once Upon A Time, and last but definitely not least is Walking Dead.

  • E. Glam

    You are soooo missing SCANDAL, The Walking Dead, Last Resort and Nashville!!! Law and Order SVU is one of my all time favs, although Elliott is gone, I still watch!

  • Cee

    Tracee, now I remember you saying we had to share things, you’ve shared your list but I’m gonna need you to give Scandal a chance. There’s a lot of hype around the show (and that could be off-putting) but it’s well-deserved and the first season is on Netflix. Don’t sleep on it like Alice Smith now!

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  • Nicole Dianndrea

    BOARDWK EMPIRE is my fav fall show as well.

  • shanstan

    Scandal … You sooo need to have a character on this show, even if its as a one off

  • I watch most of those plus Scandal, Treme, American Horror Story: Asylum, and Private Practice.

  • ginegine

    you have to watch Girls on HBO.

  • David Harlan

    Newsroom on HBO Just started second season!!

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