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  • I was reading about Lewis Carroll yesterday. Did you read his work that is titled “The Hunt for the Snark”? People here in Dallas say there is a Snark that lives downtown Dallas. It only comes out at night and you have to pay an Oklahoma Indian tour guide to take you out to hunt the Snark. Because if you catch the wrong Snark you will completely disappear.

  • On the far side, Knowing a long range telepath. I want to sit down and talk to you about a two movie scripts. Pa and Ma
    a cries a child from a distant space out post. He has been kid napped by a hostile alien race. The Klingons attempt to hold a Romulan child for ransom. Unknowing to the Klingons the Romulan child is a long range telepath who’s cries lead the Romulan war ships directly to the Klingon home word. It turns to a interplanetary war documented in history as the Khitomer massacre. A space war documentary titled “Panama” I will tell you about the other later. I got it Tracee the hand that rocks the cradle.

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