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Ask Me Your Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies

Ask Me Your Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies Posted on March 22nd, 2013 in Musings.

As I’ve said before and as I say in this video, I LOVE hearing from you all! You always have the most thoughtful, funny comments, and I just really enjoy the back and forth communication we seem to be developing here. So, I thought it’d be fun to give you all the opportunity to ask me anything. ANYTHING! Well maybe not anything, let’s be sure to stay respectable, hahaha.  I’ll choose 3-5 questions to answer with a video response! You can leave your comments here, or you can even leave a video response on my YouTube page! Alright, so get to asking!


  • Tracee! With Jill Marie Jones saying that she would be “down” for a “Girlfriends” movie, would you also be willing to do it? Why or why not? Is one in the works?!

  • Lisa

    I can’t imagine what it was like growing up the daughter of Diana Ross. With that said, did you feel pressure to be as successful? BTW, growing up one song your Mother sang still resonates with me today and gives me chills, ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’. While my Father was away in the Vietnam War my Mother played that song over and over again. ;)

  • April

    Hey Tracee, you have always been my hair and fashion inspiration! I have always loved your style! When you were growing up did you raid your mother’s closet? Does your mom influence your style today?

  • Guest

    Hi Tracee, being an intellect yourself answer me this relationship question, i know i still have a lot to learn but if you care about someone beyond words is there a such hing as naivety?

  • Hi Tracee

    I know you are a well recognized actress appearing in a variety of television and film roles, but I heard once that you started as a model in the late 90’s on the now de-funked Barry Diller experimental young hip shopping channel in New York, “Q” an offshoot of the QVC channel. Is that true?

  • Hi Tracee, being an intellect yourself answer me this relationship question, i know i still have a lot to learn but if you care about someone beyond words is there a such thing as naivety?

  • Tishana Trainor

    Hi, Tracee! I have admired your style for YEARS! I wanted to know if you shop vintage, or do you switch up your modern wardrobe with vintage pieces? If so, how much does a piece have to “speak” to you to buy it! :)

  • Regine

    How do you deal with working within a society that claims “colorblindness” at every turn while there is still a very obvious lack of diversity in characters portrayed by women of color on television and in movies? Have you ever approached a role and knew it was something stereotypical but “played the game” because you knew you had to? If not, do you know anyone who has? Just curious! I loved you on Girlfriends and I your youtube videos even more.

  • Freddie

    Hi Tracee. I heard you sing on an interview a while back. You sounded lovely singing a line from “Summertime.” Just wanted to know if there were any plans for a CD or a spot on GLEE?

  • Lyn_Marie_

    Hey Tracee, I’m about to graduate college and I wanted to know if you have any advice on after college anxiety? I am so afraid of being a full all and out adult. After you graduated college were you afraid? Is so, how did you deal with the typical ‘real life’ worries(finding a job, being successful, finding you life’s purpose…lol)?

  • SouthernGentleman

    Hey Tracee, I’d like to ask you a simple…yet not so simple. What kind of men do you like (or prefer), and what type of habits do you look for in a man?

    • GreenLeafLover

      Lmao, are you trynna get at Tracee here? Lol

  • Carla

    I have never been especially age conscious and have felt relatively good about myself, my aging process however being on the verge of 40 feels really, really different. I know that I’m supposed to say things like “Hey 40 is the new 20” and “I feel so centered and self possessed at 40” but actually-I’m wrestling with it, Tracey. Wondering what turning 40 has been like for you in a culture obsessed with youthfulness. Any challenges and how you work through them that you’d be willing to share? Please, pretty please :)

    • Well, I turn 46 this year and most people my age think they are at least fifteen or twenty years older than me…

      Thus, for me, 40 must have been ‘The New Seventeen’.


  • Brandi Walker

    First of all, I have to tell you that you are my HAIR-O!!!!
    Now that that out of the way, my question is:
    Did you watch the video I sent you demonstrating my natural hairdo? If so, what did you think?
    In case you didn’t see it. here it is again!

  • Good evening… How did you start acting? My mother loves u and she aspires to be an actress so I’m asking to help her figure out where to start..

  • What is the Ultimate Answer, to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything?

    (HINT: You are allowed to Google the answer. I just want to hear you say it!)

  • Do a Vlog on ”Lets Get Cheeky Pt2”

  • Just Curious

    What five things can you not live without?

  • JR

    Favorite magazine spread you’ve ever done?


    What did you think of the new season of GIRLS? YOU NEED TO BE ON GIRLS!! Also, what other shows do you watch?

  • Kemp

    I’m a huge fan of your work…. I often say that you were the most underrated actresses in television history…. The black “Lucille Ball” in my opinion. Will you be returning to television anytime soon?

  • Jess F

    Hi Tracee I’m such a big fan of yours and loved watching you on GIrlfriends! I’m a university student who wants to get into acting and I was wondering if you could briefly talk about how to get an agent or what you need to show to one to have them take you on as a client. Thanks xx Love the videos!

  • Stella

    How much of Joan was Tracee? I was a huge fan of the Girlfriends show, and I thought Joan was awesome. I have noticed similarities between the character you played and what I perceive to be your personality off-air.

  • Jacs

    The “Girlfriends” episode with Donnie McClurkin, is that your mom you move and sit in front of in the church? The lady with the huge hat and face is covered? Thanks for allowing me to ask this after I’ve always wondered. Be Blessed! Jacs

  • Matell

    Have you ever been on a “Road Trip” like the Oprah and Gayle road trip? If so where did you go? If not what famous actor/actress would you take?

  • di

    What’s your favorite place you have traveled to on Our Blue/green Planet?The One Place that left a deep impression on You? May it Be The People ,The Fantastic Monuments or Spiritual/Religious Temples.Thanks

  • Hi Tracee, my question… how can I successfully promoted my handmade beaded goodies which can be found on etsy at Thanks for the opportunity to ask and love your style.

    • This pic is FAB ART! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • these are gorgeous! this is how you promote lol

    • Dianne

      Very very nice earrings, I’m an avid fan of unique jewelry and will soon be looking purchase a pair yours myself.

      • Thanks, Dianne. Believe it or not, it’s hard to find people who think these are more than pretty and would actually wear them. So my hardest task is finding people like you. BTW, if you mention this post in your message, I’ll include an extra little goodie.

    • Lee

      I think you just did. The photo is awesome and your jewelry is fantastic! Good luck!

  • Hello Miss Ross, Now i know some ladies don’t like to be called Miss or Mrs. but out or respect i thought it would be fitting if i addressed you as Miss Ross. Now that your reading my email and answering my question i have for you i think that we can call each other friends and i can now address you as Tracee……Rite? Well my question that i have for you is actually a two part question… yea i’m getting my 5mins of fame…, and the question is ” Can you every go places were people don’t reckiness you or do you have to go some pleases in desguise if you don’t want to be notice? and my second question to you is, I’ve all ways want to be an actor in a movie or a sitcom, would you ever guide a person such as my self in the rite direction and put me in contact, or people in contact with me if i asked? Well i’m asking, would you help me please… or sorry that was three questions,

  • Cousin

    Who is in that painting behind you in the video?

  • Monique Gentry

    Do you remember me???…Monique Gentry I was 19 we met on Labrea(that may be incorrect spelling)…well I’m now 26 and u play 1 of the biggest roles in my life

  • Hi Tracee:) I’m the same age as you, what are your thoughts/feelings on experiencing the change of life? I have started to experience it a bit and I’m trying to cope w/ all that’s happening! Wew! I feel women should talk more openly about this stage of our lives…

    Please follow @RossFamilyRemix :)

  • Guest

    Why don’t you come to Connecticut, so we can link up?

  • sososhka

    How do your “famous”friends feel about your youtube channel. They must think you’re crazy? Thank you so much for being so genuine and fun, and accepting to get off your star “pied d’estale” (My first language is French and don’t know word in English. star bubble, I guess) to connect with us. I was a fan before and now I know why…À bientôt à la télévision ou dans un film :-)

  • Pajamas or Nudity?

  • Robyn C

    Hi Tracee! I’m graduating university this year and I just feel lost in life. I guess I’m not sure how to move forward. When I think about the future, I tend to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Any advice on how to successfully navigate the shift to the “real world”?

  • Pamela

    Hi Tracee, what was the hardest obstacle you had to overcome? What are the five things you can’t live without and what is your favorite song to belt out in the car? I love your heart and may God bless you exceedingly, abundantly, above all you can ask, think or pray! :)

  • I really love the vintage pieces worn by you on girlfriends and what would you say were the top five vintage stores in LA. where similar pieces can be found?

  • nice sweater, feelin’ ya style. #PajamasorNudity

  • Guest

    nice sweater, feelin’ ya style. pajamas or nudity?

    • Sara

      Hahaha! What?!

      I am going to ask this question of everyone I meet for the first time from now on.

  • that sweater is beautiful. do you know how to rap, & if so, can we hear something?

  • that sweater is beautiful. can you spit a freestyle?

  • Urbantivity

    Hi Tracee! It appears that other people have asked similar questions but I want to expand my question a little more. I’ve been feeling somewhat anxious. I am grad. school right now and will be applying to doctoral programs in the Fall. I am just concerned life is passing me by and I am not experiencing it. I freak out that I am getting old and my ovaries are aging as we speak (even though I am only 22)! o.0

    Question: You seem so confident and in-touch with who you are as a woman. Is there anything you can suggest to help cultivate womanly confidence and community that builds said confidence?

  • Anna

    Hi Ms. Ross, I’m looking for a song and was hoping that you could help me. It was on Girlfriends Season 3 Episode 10…you know the episode where Toni realizes that shes in love with Todd so sleeps with him hoping that it won’t last, but it does and she prays about it. Well as the scene starts so does the song and I was wondering if you know the artist. My dad has me up all night looking for it. Big Smiles. Thanks!!

  • Hey Tracee, I love your blog and the way you interact with people. Would you ever consider hosting your own chat show?

  • SandraJoëlle Mekoa

    Hello Tracee. When it comes to your life so far what are you most proud of and what is your biggest regret (if u have any …). thanks for answering… :)

  • Hi! I am a young entrepreneur and the owner of a small start-up called Bath Time LLC. I hand make natural bath and body products. May I send you a “Love Gift Box?” There is a combination of natural Soap, Whipped Shea Body Souffle, Body Scrub, Sexy Belly Balm, Bath Smoothie, Bath Soak and topped off with a fragrance that would be sure to invigorate your senses. Thank you!
    Twitter: @Ilove_bathtime

  • Deanna

    Hi Tracee i am new to your channel and website and I am so blessed to have found you. You are such an inspiration to all women. I love how you are so aware of yourself and are able (unlike many people) to just be happy and give compliments to others. That is so refreshing. My question is really simple and basic and a topic i know you love to talk about hair, makeup, and style. I just want some of your hair styling tips for curly hair and your basic routine for your hair care. And add some of your best makeup and style tips. Again love love love you if i could meet any famous person you would be it.

  • Dominique D. Davis


    When I watch the Oscars, it baffles me knowing you aren’t amongst these beautiful people. Can you explain why you haven’t won an Academy Award yet? Are in you involved in too much to focus your attention only on acting?
    I hope this question doesn’t offend you, but when I see you blogging about the stars and what they wore, and I always ask myself, “Why in the world is she not there?”

  • Wanita23

    I know from out side it’s seem you have it all money fame awesome family but what scare you ? What is your biggest worries when you get up in the morning ? Do you want kids have your own little family ? What is the biggest misconception you think have of you ? By the way thankkkkkkk you you are such of inspiration from head to toe lol hope you see this message and reply you will make my day not my year lol or follow me on Instagram wanicita23 thx

  • Stephanie Gives

    Tracee, I just started a foundation on behalf of my daughter who passed away two years ago from a progressive disease called Rett Syndrome which is found in girls. The foundation is called Dreams of Becoming a Better Me. The Tiffanie N. Simone Hayes Foundation. How can I get funding or find the best way to raise money for my foundation? I would like to throw a benefit concert to raise money in the future. How do I contact entertainers to help me? I am really determined to do this so I can give back to my community and beyond. Thank you in advance for any advice that you may have. You have such a wonderful spirit. Stephanie Gives.

  • Felicia Shelton

    Hello Tracee! I think I’ve read somewhere that you love Paris. What are your favorite places in Paris. I’m American, living in Paris, yet again (can’t get enough!) and am always on the look out for new places for personal and professional reasons (I have a blog and a professional website) Any suggestions? Thank you!

    Felicia Shelton

  • Kim

    Hi Tracee! First of all I love you and your fabulous style. I visit your blog frequently to respectfully lurk at what you are wearing haha. I am a shoe girl to my heart. My blog is a true testament to that.So I would love if you could answer what was your most funny moment that happened because of the shoes that you wearing or any good story related to your shoes. I just picture you as the fun, down to earth girl that is dressed fab and just happens to be Diana Ross’ daughter. Thanks for sharing this blog with us!

  • Lana

    What is your care regime? Do u do it yourself or do u have a personal hairstylist?

  • Lana

    I meant haircare

  • Hey Tracee,

    I just want to say that I LOVE, LOVE your style, hair and personality. All of which influences me on a daily basis(like if I don’t know what to wear, I’m like let me google Tracee pics lol). In any case, I hope it’s not too personal to inquire but have you met your soulmate yet and could you speak a little bit on that? Stay beautiful and positive!!!!


  • Hey Tracee,

    How do you deal with relationships…disappointments in relationships rather. Society puts all this pressure on us to be married, to have a man, and it’s more than society, there’s that internal desire to connect with a partner. But so many are going through painful situations. You’re beautiful, funny, smart as women we look at our friends and we just “get it” but it doesn’t translate in relationships often. What’s your outlook on men and the madness lol!?

  • erica baker

    Hi Tracee..You have a great sense of style and fashion. Is this something you learned or did it come naturally to you?

  • MsBallin

    Tracee, checking your site is one of my favorite things to do on a daily! So thank you for that! Like you, I just turned 40 this year and you have soooo helped me embrace that. Any advice on entering this new decade with grace and not obsessing too much over the “aging” process?… You handle it so well <3

  • Hi Tracee,
    My question is pretty simple. What brings you the most joy and inner happiness from your life?

  • Hi, Tracee!! My question is for me and all of the girls with BIG eyes, lol. I have had a hard time with eye makeup looks that work with the shape and size of my eyes. I’ve gotten a bit better as I’ve gotten older, but I’d like to branch out with some of the looks I’ve seen on you, a fellow…prominent eyed lady ;o)

    So, I’d like to know: What are you eye makeup tips?

  • hey girl hey! What are some of your favorite hair products!!

  • Sara Sifuentes

    Wow, wow, wow.

    I will admit I have a girl crush on you Miss Tracee.

    You are so smart and beautiful, it’s no wonder a large part of these comments are people hitting on you!

    Pajamas or nudity, indeed.

    My questions aren’t as sobering as some of the ones below; I won’t ask you the key to happiness or direction (mainly because I know it’s different for everyone -not because I’ve achieved either).

    I will, however, ask you three questions in the hope that you will answer at least ONE of them.
    Ok, ready? Read!

    1) What brand and shade of lipstick are you wearing in this picture?

    If it’s discontinued, perhaps you can name a dupe?

    2) I live in the Atwater/Los Feliz area of LA and would really like to get involved in community events and cultural groups. Are there any things you recommend? I don’t meet many people, especially women, in my work life and I really would love to find like-minded human beings!

    3) Can you please please do a skincare video?

    It is so hard to find skincare that is gentle, natural, and affordable.
    Bless us with knowledge!

    Sara Sifuentes

  • Sara Sifuentes

    Wow, wow, wow.

    I will admit I have a girl crush on you Miss Tracee.
    You are so smart and beautiful, it’s no wonder a large part of these comments are people hitting on you!

    Pajamas or nudity, indeed.

    My questions aren’t as sobering as some of the ones below; I won’t ask you the key to happiness or direction (mainly because I know it’s different for everyone -not because I’ve achieved either).

    I will, however, ask you three questions in the hope that you will answer at least ONE of them.
    Ok, ready? Read!

    1) What brand and shade of lipstick are you wearing in this picture?

    If it’s discontinued, perhaps you can name a dupe?

    2) I live in the Atwater/Los Feliz area of LA and would really like to get involved in community events and cultural groups. Are there any things you recommend? I don’t meet many people, especially women, in my work life and I really would love to find like-minded human beings!

    3) Can you please please do a skincare video?

    It’s so hard to find skincare that is gentle, natural, and affordable.
    Bless us with knowledge!

    Sara Sifuentes

  • Hi Tracee! I adore everything about you…from style, hair to your wit. However, my question is what is the one lesson/advice that your uber-famous mother taught/gave you as a child that you still live by today?

  • Andrew

    So nice hearing from you. Please tell us how you will celebrate your mother’s birthday on Tuesday?

  • Malcolm Wilson

    Hi, is there anything you’d like to say to the young people of the LGBT community who may be struggling To receive acceptance from themselves, their peers, or their families?

  • Rita

    Why don’t you design fasion? It’s not a retorical question. I’m really curious as to why you haven’t stepped into this field. Especially considering your love for it. You don’t have to go big. Just design dresses. Or bring back vintage. I can see it…”Tracee”, sold exclusively at Macy’s!

    love from London

  • justmignonne

    Hello Ms.Tracee, I would like you to do a post/vlog about a day in your life. Include everything that is decent. I believe that your appeal is that while you are glamorous and beautiful, you also possess something quite looney, quirky and real which makes us love you. Beauty with defects, nothing better.

  • Jason

    Pick one of the these: (1) What would you do if you were not acting? and/or (2) Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

  • Jason

    Pick one of these: (1) What would you do if you were not acting?
    and/or (2) Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

  • Vanessa

    Hi Ms. Tracee I’m Vanessa, I’m 15, and i just wanted to say i love you! Your one of my favorite actresses and i aspire to be like you one day. i just wanted to ask your tips on acting? and Hair? lool
    Hope you pick my question! Bye have a nice day! :)

  • Steven

    What is your favorite charity? … and why?

  • Jacqueline Young

    Tracee, your Essence cover was one of my favorites in recent years. So much so, that I kept it. What are your thoughts on the current shake up at Essence Magazine and the magazines future.
    Also, what do think about the current issues surrounding skin tone. I have always embraced all black women as my sisters, regardless of ancestry, but there seems to be a state of mind among some that have a very narrow view of what being black looks like (speaking specifically about the physical look, not activities and language).
    I thought that we were past this as a people, but the rush towards a “post racial society” has exposed, in my humble opinion, a crack in the veneer if you will.

  • Lee

    Hello Ms. Ellis-Ross (Tracee), I’m old going on OLDER!!! Would you recommend pursuing acting when one is sort of “long in the tooth”, or should I just be content with my 9-5 and wait for Social Security to kick in? Contrary to popular belief, that “distinguished” label for older men is a big fat hoax! A wrinkle is a wrinkle! LOL!

  • Hi Tracee. You and I share the same bday (M/D/Y) and I’m just wondering, how are you finding 40? I just said to someone the other day, “I’m waiting for it to feel all awesome and great, like some people say it does, but I haven’t gotten there yet.” I don’t know what I’m looking or waiting for, but I wonder if you have found the awesomeness of 40 yet, and what advice you can share about how to get there?

  • D. Elaine Fields

    Ms. Tracee!! Will you read my first book? Love and Lies in the River City – drama, romance, and a happy ending – it doesn’t get better than that! It’s available at It’s a great read for the beach or for sitting under the hair dryer etc. You’ll love it I swear! Love you, love your style, love your work. PEACE&BLESSINGS :) D. Elaine Fields
    P.S. you’d make the bomb Adrian Moses (main character) . Please check me out, visit my site to read an excerpt

  • Martamique Ajoku

    : )

    1. Do you have any natural remedies for things such as colds or beauty tricks?

    2. What is the one place in the world you think everyone should travel too?

    3. Could we ever get a “Girlfriends” film/movie just to sew some ends up??

    4. What are 3 things every woman should know that you have learned from life?

    btw…love ya Tracee : )

  • Hi Tracee–first off you’re hilarious and down to earth and that is refreshing! We miss seeing you on television weekly—will you be back doing another sitcom? I’ll take a Girlfirends reunion show!

  • Hello Tracee Dropped by to respond to your video message. My question which I am honored to have such a icon to be so open and interactive with the public and so many fans including me and my MJ icon on FB does America uses it celebrity honors for our beautiful successful minority woman in a reguard which reflects opportunities economically equal as the CEO’s are so reguarded for your work and income disparity after putting together a stellar career, personal life,personalty,gracious and performances? To me darling you and mother for example and others are worth more gold.

  • Rachel Socially

    Hi Tracee, So love the new channel on Youtube! My question to you is this, what do you think the biggest and most relevant issues are facing woman today between the ages of 35 and 41? I am about to turn 35 on May 1st and I am wondering what this new chapter of life will bring me. Also, Can you do a video on your hair regimen. – XOXO

  • Fiankobea

    Hello tracee,
    I have 2 questions, I couldn’t choose between them so I’ll i thought I’d let you……:-)

    1. If you had to see the world in 3 colours only , what would they be and why?

    2. if you had to choose your ideal 3 course meal what would it be …. starter ,main meal, dessert and drink ?

  • Jessica Whyte

    Hello Tracee, I would love to know, if life gave you a ‘do it a second time’ pass what moment would you pick? X

  • Leah

    Hi! Could you talk about your fashion style more. I really like it when you post creative videos about fashion. What is fashion to you? What is your style? and How do you switch it up to keep your look fresh or new? This is probably for a totally different video. lol

  • Jaya

    While watching your vintage clothing video and I noticed you have great underarm skin, most female celebrities do. How do you maintain your flawless underarm skin? Do you wax, epilate, laser, or shave? I know exfoliating is good too. Please share your secret with us.

  • Hello TRACEE eLLiS ROSS, thank you for providing your fans with this opportunity of asking you questions. It is always interesting to learn more about the real TRACEE vs. a television character. You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As we know the ubiquity of humor is everywhere. However (1) Did you select humor at first…as a tool to assist you with dealing with any past pain, drama, and/or trauma in your life. Well! your humor has assisted me during my healing process! And I want to thank you!!!

  • Hi Tracee!

    I saw in an article before your favorite beauty items which I loved…I’m curious what you LOVE to purchase at Whole Foods since a lot of your beauty items seem to come from there. Another question: what are your favorite blogs? Gosh I could keep going…but, I know you are only answering a few. Can’t wait to see your responses!



  • Jyevonne

    How do u stay true to yourself while in a relationship? How do you incorporate your beliefs and values while in a relationship? Do you have a “6 month” rule or any rules when it comes to intimacy in a relationship?

    I’m a 26 year old virgin and I’m trying to find a balance. I shy away from relationships because I’m afraid to deal with the intimacy aspects of it (sex), I want to but my religious views make me think twice lol). I’m Christian and we are taught abstinence. I think I’m at a crossroad of not knowing what’s right for me! I often pick the brain’s of my friends that are not Christians to see what’s their thoughts about this issue, but it seems to be unclear to me (because its a decision I have to make ultimately). I’m stuck between two worlds that I want to find a balance in them both. I SOOOOOOOOOO don’t want to be the 40 year old virgin. I guess I think it’s expected while in a relationship. I’m playing it extra safe lol!!!! I’m I being realistic?

    Your awesome,
    I don’t get on YouTube often, but I couldn’t miss this chance of having my question answered. When I seen your vid. on FB I had to do this. lol

    Peace out <3 Jyevonne

  • Dollface Couture

    I am hoping to send you something from my clothing line. Do you have a P.O. Box or another form of a mailing address that I could use? Please let me know!

  • Crystal

    Do you have what we call a lazy eye. I notice that one eye is smaller than the other.

    • Shavon

      Didn’t she ask that you be respectable? Your question is very rude and inappropriate in my opinion. Tracee is extremely pretty, riculously gorgeous and beautiful in EVERY sense of the word. I love you Tracee!!… We all do!! This is an uplifting and inspiring site that has absolutely no room for mindless chatter. Please consider thinking twice before you speak.

      • Nikole

        Crystal never said Tracee wasn’t beautiful. I think she has a very unique beauty and awesome style.
        I think it’s an innocent question, possibly inappropriate but not rude or mindless.

  • Trinidadian Sunshine

    Hey Tracee, I was wondering if you can share how you keep your skin and body so beautiful? Thanks .

  • John Zachary

    Hi Tracee, My name is John Zachary aka ( Jozac ) my channel is DRUMHAND1 thanx for your support. Needless to say I love all that you are doing, especially your unwavering dedication to your mom. You have her spirit. I have just completed my latest musical project was trying to have it ready for your moms birthday today. It’s a tribute to: Motown Greats; Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell, Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson can you guess what it is? Hear it on Facebook/John Zachary/Jozacmusic. See the video on my DRUMHAND1 page on Friday March,29,2013 . Hope you both enjoy. Please ( let me know what you think ). My question: Are you musically talented and if so why you choose acting over music? Love your work!!!! Live Your Tempo

  • jamelia


  • RJ

    Hello Tracee, I am curious to know who is the artist that painted that painting behind you. I am a artist that specializes in oil portraits so I was curious.

  • 1983Kaysha

    Hi Ms. Ross I am having such a hard time accomplishing my dreams. I am a singer and would love to have my start in Stage plays. I have no idea what to do , I feel like my time is slipping by. I have prayed and talked to so many people but, I feel so lost. For me it’s not all about the money, its about doing what I enjoy. You may not choose my question to answer, my luck usually isn’t that good but, I think you for taking questions. I will continue to pray but would Love some guidance. Lord help me. What do I do?

  • so you say ask you anything? why is there a naked woman painting behind you in this video visible from the boobs down. doesn’t she get the respect of a face?

  • D Santi


  • LilBit

    Hi Tracee. How do you PERSONALLY feel about the Return to Love Tour of Diana Ross and the somewhat Supremes in 2000?

  • scherri

    Hey Tracee, r u married with kids and will u be doing give-aways :-) ???? and Did u read Fifty Shades Of Grey if so what did u think about??

  • scherri

    Do u go to natural hair expos, and shows n things??O yeah and tell Diana I say “”hey”’ lol!

  • Pam

    Hi Tracee — I LOVE your hair and style. I am interested in knowing what your skin care regimen consists of (i.e. am/pm cleansing and moisturizing, etc)

  • nikki

    Hi Tracee, first, thank you for opening up a space for us all to connect with you in such a creative and fun way! My question for you is actually something I saw a youtube of Iyanla Vanzant ask a room of New Yorkers in a lecture she was hosting and I wanted to ask you the same question which is: ‘Where does your life work, and where does your life hurt? And how are you working on bringing to two together to heal the other and move forward?’ In other words, for myself my life works in that I live in a sunny beautiful beach town in Hawai’i, I have work here that I love and my co-workers are my great friends, and I get to swim in the ocean and take my yoga practice seriously here. My life does not work in that I am living check to check literally. I have just enough to get by all the time and I do not have enough money or room for saving money to do the yoga teacher training that I desire to do. Something’s got to give in my life structure at this time in order for me to find peace. And I wonder how you go about mentally and actually setting into motion changes for yourself that may be hard to do but will bring you Tracee closer to your ultimate goals. Thank you and much Aloha ~ Nikki

  • Queen of my own age

    Hey Tracee,

    1.You and the rest of the cast of Girlfriends had a mini reunion at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood event. How often do you and your Girlfriends cast members keep in touch? Is their an off-screen friendship?

    2. Fans of the show Veronica Mars were able to pull off a kick-starter campaign and now there is a movie in the works. If something similar happened with Girlfriends would you be interested?

  • Alexandria

    Hi Tracee, I am Alexandria and my question pertains to your
    conversation with the successful youtuber, Chescaleigh. Around the 5:19 mark,
    you discussed how a fantasy propels you through your twenties, but as you get
    older you have to reconcile that fantasy with reality while still maintaining a
    vision for your life. Please elaborate on that idea and give an anecdote from
    your experience.
    For instance,what was your fantasy? How did it propel you? When did you realize it was a
    fantasy? How and when did you reconcile the fantasy with real life? What is
    your vision?

  • Kristin Gudmundsdottir

    Ok I followed Chudney while she had blog and ask her this question but she didn´t have the time. I have to tell you a little story. When I was in primary school there was a girl my age her dad and his brother was and is best comic duo in my country. But nobody knew until she got confirmed, then kids (cool kids they were smoking and drinking) They started called her the duos name not her own name. She didn´t like it and said that to her friend she said don´t answer them then. I know another girl who got bullied because her dad was a famous singer but her friends helped her. Did someone say something nasty to you?

  • Kristin Gudmundsdottir

    Ok I followed Chudney while she had blog, I asked her this question but she didn´t have the time to answer. She asked us to ask her some questions. I have to tell you a little story.
    When I was in primary school or high school ( like in USA). There was a girl my age her dad and his brother was and is best comic duo in my country. Her friends knew about it but she wasn´t bragging about it. When she got confirmed her dad came to the altar with her and then everybody knew about it. Then there was group of kids (cool kids they already started smoking and drinking) who started called her the duos name not her own name if they wanted to ask something. That hurt her a lot and she didn´t like it, she said that to our friend but she said: Don´t answer them then. I dont knowhow it ended she is ok now. I know another girl who was bullied because her dad was a famous singer but her friends helped her. That helped her a lot and she got out that ok.
    Here is my question:
    Did someone say something nasty to you?

  • carol

    tracee, Michael is so funny not at all what I was expecting, is that your voice???????

  • Senora Amos

    My granddaughter is really funny. She makes up little skits and video them. Here’s one of them. Watch if you have time… Thanks, Senora Amos

  • LiveLaughLoveXOXO

    What was your most challenging role to play?
    What types of movies/television shows are you interested in acting in?

  • Kristin Gudmundsdottir

    Ok I followed Chudney while she had her blogpage. I asked her this question but she didn´t have the time to answer. She asked us to ask her some questions. I have to tell you a little story.
    When I was in primary school or high school ( like in USA). There was a girl my age her dad and his brother was and is best comic duo in my country. Her friends knew about it and they didn´t care. She wasn´t bragging about it. When she got confirmed her dad came to the altar with her and then everybody knew about it. Then there was group of kids (cool kids they already started smoking and drinking) who started called her the duos name not her own name if they wanted to ask her something. That hurt her a lot and she didn´t like it, she said that to our friend but she said: Don´t answer them then. I don´t know how it ended but she is ok now. I know another girl was bullied because her dad was a famous singer in my country but her friends helped her. She is ok now.
    Here is my question:
    Did someone say something nasty to you?

  • Steve P

    Hi Tracy, being a guy I am obsessed with all things automotive. I own two (2) vehicles was just curious as to what type of automobile do you drive, is it automatic or a stick and what color is your car?

  • Hi Tracee – You know I’m your number one fan, Don’t you? :)

    Question Number two:

    Tracee – do you have a Realtor that you work with in Georgia? If
    not, I would love to work with you on buying and selling real estate. I
    can be reached at 678-492-6026 to discuss your real estate portfolio.
    Now is the time for strategic Real Estate investments. I can help you
    find, buy, sell, hold, rehab, flip, rent or lease purchase properties
    confidentially. Is that something You are considering? Thanks :)

  • Stacy C

    Hi Tracee, I love you! I wanted to know if you had an assistant. If not, I would love to be your assistant…I would just love to work with you.Oh! I meant

  • Stacy C

    I met you at the “Black Women in Hollywood” event. I was the girl your friend complimented w/ the pinkish/purpleish lipstick…the one who got all your cast member together so you can walk the red carper together :)

  • mesavinganimals1viewatatime

    Hiii! I wanted to know how you felt about Animal Testing and how they test almost everything on poor Animals and treating Animals fairly. Are you a Cruelty-Free buyer? and can you please subscribe to my channel? I am new to youtube and talk about why Vegetarianism and Veganism is right to do and Cruelty-Free items to buy also Vegan items!

  • Would you ever consider writing a “Girlfriends” movie and funding it through Kickstart?

  • Goldengurl10

    Hey Trace I love how you own your style and Individuality however have you ever been frustrated or bored from being a Natural..You seem so set in your ways: content.And are you close with your former cast members from Girlfriends?

  • Robert Stallings

    Hello Tracee !
    My question to you is after all of the time you’ve spent in front of the camera would you ever consider doing something behind the camera . If so in what capacity ? . . . . . . ( I really adore you but I also want you to say hi to your mom for me . . . . )

  • Trinidad Sunshine

    I know you already started answering questions but i’ve got one. I have been so afraid to let my guard down and fall in love and i’ve met a great guy and I want to know how does one lose their fair of failing in a relationship or failing in life and finally i bought a hula hoop because of you lol you

  • bianca pedroza

    Continue- A GREAT Detangler- as she is very Tender Headed- Also a Product to help Moisterize her Coils
    And define them and eliminate the frizz. Having Biracial Hair is a challenge and I want to know what’s
    Working out there vs the expensive Experimenting.
    Thanks for your time

  • Dreadbutnotrasta

    Hi Ms. Ross. 1st I love your mom and she and my mom look a like in their younger years… ‘The Wiz’ is all I’m going to say… 2nd I know you’re probably extremely busy and you may or may not respond to this but what the heck; you never know… I’ve always wanted to hang with a celebrity because I always want to know just how real you all really are. I’m a real chill person, love to talk, love to listen and sometimes I wonder if I had a celebrity friend would I find that they possibly have the same issues some of my other friends have. I have a lot of friends who share themselves with me and though I’m no therapist, they apparently appreciate my listening ear. Anyhow, I would like to chat, hangout, or even be email buddies… I’m not into making a name for myself because I know a celebrity, or anything like that, I just really like meeting people whose lives are different than mine and finding out how we relate. After all, we’re all connected, one and the same, but different. So, would you be willing to at least be email buddies?

  • Tita

    Hi Tracee! I’m all about the “must haves”. Currently searching for the best, “must-have” v-neck black/white tee. I often see you wearing a tee while filming your videos; do share? I’m looking for a tee I can dress up for dinner and cocktails or one comfy enough to sleep in. Thanks for this Q&A forum… Lovin’ it! ;-)

  • valorie

    hi tracee how are you i miss your on girlfriends what are you doing now i like to know are you seeing anyone now you still look good

  • Guest

    Ok, Tracee this is it.., Some how I had took this construction job in Chicago, I had worked there for like six or eight months, Now i knew YOU and a few of your friends from a friend of mines and i use to come by you guys apartment after work time to time to just chill out and pass some time away,(more about the apartment later..geezz lol) but I really dont know if you was famous you guy lived kinda modest like i think you would be living anyway but the three of you was kinda like stars because yall did have a lot of star friends drop by … as time went by we never showed NO interest in each other or for me none of the girls,..Now the girls and who where they…I dont know.. but one was like your sister and the other a dark skinned friend. Now one day (After I really did the unthinkable, which i cant say) Me and You really had a great conversation, we sat on your porch and talked for like three to five hours, and at the End of the conversation we had decided to be together, Now it was even more you than I, because like i said you were a celeb, and your friends surly wouldn’t approve but you made a grand stand for me, and they really try to tell you otherwise but you knew i was the man that could make you happy, YOU took me in there holding my hand i still feel the nervousness, you knew i was a hard working man and that id always be there for you but your friends wanted more for you..well they really wanted you to date another celeb, someone that would be able to take you to Paris at the drop of a dime, and I did too, but knew it wasnt me, I even spoke to you about that in our conversation and you assured me that thats a dream of every women but you wanted to be with me, My heart just opened up for you more and more, In the begining yeah you friends didnt accept us but after a while when they seen how in love we was and esp. how in love i was I won them over, I’d just was waiting to have a women like you, when you woke i had been up and made you something to eat or foot massage or something sweet , even you at one point thought i was still trying to win you over but soon found that i was just a Man in Love, Staying in Chicago we had a great time, I really feel that I felt the type of person you Really are! Very funny ,sweet and so Modest but yeah did like the finer things but you Heart was more important to you than your image, This one time we took a walk through the town, now the town was NO way like it is day ive stay in Chi-town before just to sit the seen let me tell you.. I wish that you have been to Japan before because the shop where more like that stored on top of stores..some very meger but All had very nice thing mostly hand mad All different made with great materials, kinda like Ching the kaloon side where all the store are.. the people was great they knew you well you shopped there often, some of the people it seems was just proud a Celeb, like yourself not only came to buy there from them but you held great conversations with them and Most where good friends as well…which was soooo sexy to me… at this time bea, .oh my bad, Tracee, lol we had been together about 3 to 4 months really still in the honeymoon phase, and we had not had sex yet and i wasnt stressin at All, but you had begin to….:) not stressin but i think you wanted to have my baby at this point we both realize that we wanted to be with each other at least 50 years actually that was something we always said, something like baby long as i get my 50 imma be happy our friends didnt know what we was talking about but that was it , as long as we got our 50 years together we would be happy… so precious! back to the walk thru the town, we took a puppy that i had got you more like a doy , small beetle type about two years old i kinda found it i think we tried to find the owners and one day i just said hey he’s one of us the always kinda fit in at he perfect times, we started to go to this lady store that we been to alot of times she makes the best bedding mostly of silk and cotton a blend that i myself have not seen before,.. i was looking around shopping and was talking to you and when i looked you you was starrring at me, i blew you a kiss but you singled me over with the one finger and a stare that seemed to go through me, all of a sudden it seemed the room go a tad bit darker and Heat came for nowhere. I walked over but took my time and didnt say a word knowing this moment was special, i had got somehow in the moment that you was clearly already in, I came and stood in front of you and it seemed we where the only one in the store, i remember reaching out to grab you hand only by the fingers letting one or two slip out embracing and slowly putting our fingers between each other, we still had not said a word,… i dont know about my face but it was probably the same, but your face had took on a glimpse of sweat and small beads started to may us glow, you pulled me closer and simply said “i love you”, and i kissed your lips that kept there position after the kiss for just a slight moment, you looked around and seen a room off to the side,it looked like a room the vendor the made her products and was not to the public. at this time which felt like an hour but really just a few seconds may the vendor seen the look about us , you had maybe told her how in love you was with me, as i said some had become you friends, as me went into the room the lady came behind us and kinda pulled the silk made cover to give us the privacy we wanted, the room Far from where i wanted to be our first time, but i knew it would be on and popin in here in like 30, we both still in the moment, the room was mostly lots of fabric laying around lets say about seven pills all came up to our waist or so.. the perfect height and size to lay on, the fabric you had on was like linen which lie on you shoulders and ass like wet clothes, your clothe were held on by this string that was near your hips, if you pulled the string your top and bottom would release to the floor, as i stood i realize the string had been pulled and you waited for my embrace with skin to skin contact… we made some Serious love i dont want to go into it, because i dont know you like that to speak to you that way but i can say you had multiples and i mean multiples.. we both where sweating and near the end you had began to cry at the pleasure you felt.. you fell deeper in love with me then, i could see it on your face that is was it..we would die together, and it was going to be hard to even leave each other side… I loved you so much as well, One thing i will say about the sex is every time you slide down on my sex i could feel you start t vibrate and with the sounds you made it knew you was having a orgasm, I didnt and kinda didnt want to because seems like i knew about two shops down we would be doing this same thing again, which we did, we had sex like six times all in the city in places that seem to became vacant just for us .. we had sex in another shop, this park, this ally , we was in some serious heat…and after the first time we kinda was a little more playful with it, and was just enjoying each other,.. so much so that we lost he dog…lol… we was like damn…where is fufe?? he came up later once we got home, we stayed out like three hours stopped at a store front had a small appetizer and a drink, we didnt care if no one else was on the planet.. we had each other and that was all we wanted,..When we got back to the house..Shaq was there… he had been a fling of yours you didnt love him but he treated you like a lady and would not only show up to dine you for a night but respected you as a lady, but it seemed that the relationship was mostly sexual you had told me about it,.and i understood…. he had just bought this new car, and me knowing you had to talk to him really i was nervous because i knew i couldnt give you what shaq could and really didnt know if you was going to end all that for me, but all fears was cleared shortly because as i pounded shaq up and asked to see his car and told him im a fan , you pulled him to the side and quickly explained i guess that you was truly in love with me and that yall could be friends but the relationship yall had shared would be no longer… moments later Shaq had came over to me and introduced himself to me, because our first meet was informal and i just spoke and gave you the room you needed , but he came over and said “Brother you have a Good on right there, from what she told me she’s truly in love with you and id never seen here so happy, I given her alot of things but never seen her this happy” … “treat her right lil hommie, i respect that and wish yall the best”.. i said thanks Shaq it means a lot .. then he said ” hey make sure i have a invite to the wedding”… with a big smile.. and I said… “and you use to pork my wife?? laughing like man are you crazy..but he knew i was kidding and that he was surely invited and the way i kidded with him me and shaq became good friends he knew i was a cool guy… while we was talking you came over and grab my hand, he said yall truly and match made in heaven, he had no ill will, he truly was glad for you and I, .. .. as he pulled off, because seem me and him clicked quick, he said, jokingly man imma miss that!! we laughed and i said you damn so is… but ill keep that thang busy believe that… laughing he left saying man i love you guys yall better invite me to the wedding.. i kiddingly.. shit i will’re hosting it!!! he smiled and said..”let me know”… and sped off… NOW to your apartment or House you was staying in…Goddamn this was a shit hole, excuse me french..Tracee it seemed like you was living there to try prove a point or something… it should had been condemned ten years ago.. hole the floor you could see the ground, paint chippin on ALL the walls, bathtubs that didnt work, yall took baths in the small tubs you soke you feet in… all the tubs was broke, the beds wars all twins…all yall beautiful girls lived here and seemed happy… i was like damn i cant to this… the outside was raggg ga dy.. man i couldn’t understand it.. but.. really didnt say much but couldn’t figure that out…. and that was kinda it…What a Dream!!! as you see i woke up still feeling the love… had to hug my girl when i woke but got up cause you was still deeply on my mind.. Now i like you work.. but really now a huge fan, in girl friends i like the dark skinned girl that got kicked off or something.. dont follow that much to know..but NOW.. i have a special eye for you… Dreams are special. and this one soooo real.. it was so much more of the dream but this seems to be long enough, id love to meet you one day, i hope god see fit, imma tell my lady you and I, had a thing going last night and she better step her game up…lol but Tracee , thanks for the outlet , I hope all is well with you.. my feelings are coming back to normal… imma go sit and have me a heniken on the porch and remember the times til the completely fad… i feel real special right now…. sorry this is all i can share the feeling is priceless. but as i said i hope all is very well with you, YOU deserve the BEST, dont settle for less and its the weekend so stay safe… Peace Queen, i had a great time with your spirit… I know it was you, youre a sweet person… I would follow you in tweeter but i dont want you the think im crazy or anything.. so.. maybe ill face book you once in a while to see how you are doing…. the way youre looking at me in your profile pic, i dont want to our time has passed… haha.. hope this was at least entertaining to you.. sorry about the grammer i just let it rip and im not going back to proof read, so…:( hope you can follow it as well… but above all…Have a Great Day..!!! goodbye :)

  • Ronald Battle

    Do you Believe in Dreams???? not ambitions.. Dreams we have when we sleep

  • wiselady

    Hi Tracee
    I just wanna tell you I love your vlog. I discovered it yesterday and it’s cool getting to know you. here is a question for you..I have been natural for about 6 years but I’m two years from 50 and I wonderas I get older will it become too much work to maintain my hair. Your mother has always had such beautiful hair and she looks natural how does she do it? did she give you any pointers as you were growing up on how to take care of your hair and has she changed her routine as she’s gotten older?

  • eldorado walters

    tracee what’s your secret for keeping a nice fine beautiful rearend of booty wow your booty is stunning ? wouldn’t mine of getting a autograph thanks Eldorado

  • Zanescia

    Hey tracee! First let me say I’ve looked up to you since I was 8. I’m now 19. I may not know you personally but I consider you my role model. I really love your personality because I’m just as silly and not ashamed! I’m currently starting Air Force ROTC but I also want to keep singing.
    My question is: How do you balance career and your dreams?

    Stay silly and awesome!

  • Vanessa

    Tracee, how do you establish a real, lasting connection with people? I feel like I’ve always been very different from everyone around me. I never follow the leader, and always seem to look at things differently than others. I can easily find people to hang out with, but true friends that will stick with you at your worst has eluded me. All I can think of is to continue to be open and genuine. What do you think?

  • W_Marie

    I’ve responded on many celebs sites over the years and never once have I have received a comments back; except from Beyonce on Facebook; but who knows, that could have be a response from someone whom she pays to read and answer her webmail.
    Anyhow, Hi Tracee. I enjoyed your show Friends. The public image you put out is awesome. you seems so down to earth and fun; not so serious and stuck-up. That’s great. I don’t really have a questions for you because I don’t know you personanly to be questioning you. Stay blessed. (Back in the day, I use to watch your mom on t.v. all the time. Play time stopped when The Jackson 5, The Supremes, or the Temptations were on t.v.). Have a blessed day.
    I’d love to have lunch with you and your mom one day; that would really be awesome. We could have a Jamba Juice or something..

  • Tammi

    Hey tracee, I would like to know how u manage to do ur roller set type hairstyles and still keep the “frizz” and body. It’s like my hair get too straight and limp when I roll it. I’m naturally curly, fine and stupid. Sincerely, tryingtolovemyhaur

  • Maureen X-Simmons

    Hi Tracee,

    I am very late for your Ask Me A Question vlog, but I have always wanted to ask you a question. Everywhere I go I am stopped and asked if I am you. I know, you’re probably looking at my photo thinking, she looks nothing like me. I didn’t think so either, but I can not go anywhere in the Continental U.S. without someone approaching me to get my autograph because they think I am you. So, my question is, are ever approached because people have mistaken you for me?

    Coincidentally, I grew up with people calling me Diana Ross. I was so glad when you came on the scene, because you represented a younger version of Diana Ross that I didn’t mind being associated with. Yeah, yeah, I was a typical adolescent (i.e. insecure), so when anyone dared to imply that I looked like Diana Ross, I would cry because I thought they were telling me I looked old. Now, as a 40-something year old (REAL grown) woman, I can appreciate the comparison.


    Here goes, what do you feel is the most affective way to bring change to the media in a big enough way to influence the inner city population? “Conscious Living”

  • KayCe

    Hey Tracee, I love your style! and your spirit. You come across as a genuine person, and that is so lovely to see.

  • La Trina Neal

    Hi, Tracee! I am a natural girl and have had the experience where I straightened my hair and lost my curl pattern permanently, so I am afraid to straighten my hair again. Can you please offer suggestions (tips/tricks) for protecting the hair from heat damage? Also, can you video tape Travis (“The Blowout King) doing your hair? If not, how can I find him and how much does he charge??? Hook me up, pahleeeez!

  • cristie

    Hi Tracee. I have a question that’s never been asked before, lol. You said that we can ask anything, as long as it’s not inappropriate. Ok Tracee, can you ask your mother Diana if she would write a book on her relationship with Michael Jackson? Please? Many people like myself want to know about the relationship between Diana and Michael. There’s many fans of Michael and Diana’s relationship together. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Michael Jackson was a grown man, regardless of the 14 year age difference between him and Diana. Diana wasn’t even old even to be Michael’s mother. I don’t know too many 14 year old mothers. And if the law says it’s ok for someone to marry or date someone who is younger, but of age, regardless of age difference, then why can’t we all. No one can judge better than the law can.

    MJ was a grown man. Besides, MJ married Lisa Marie, in whom he was 10 years older than. And MJ mentioned in the Diane Sawyer interview, in 1995, that he waited for Lisa to turn 18 so he could marry her, meaning if you are 18 or older, you are allowed to marry and date whom ever you want, as long as you’re an adult. And no one ever said anything about Liz Taylor whom MJ dated, who was 26 years older than Michael. Liz was old enough to be Michael’s mother, but Diana wasn’t. Diana was only 14 years older than Michael. As said before, a 14 year old is not old enough to be a mother, drive, or even work. So Diana was not old enough to be Michael’s mother. Besides, Michael said this:

    A. It’s Diana Ross. I love her. Q. Do you mean as a “big sister?” A. No, that’s not what I mean. See, I told you that you wouldn’t take me seriously. Q. You’re not saying you’d like to marry Diana Ross, are you? A. Oh yeah, I’m saying that. Q. But she’s so much older than you. You mean you feel something other than close friendship for her? A. Uh huh. And what does age have to do with it? Look at it this way: how old would you be if you didn’t even know how old you are?

    1982, Ebony Magazine

    Tracee, it be so wonderful if your mother could write a book. It’s a request from her fans. If Diana write a book, this will be a best time seller. Please Tracee, the fans want to know about this special relationship. Thanks, love you <3.

  • Amanda

    Do you feel that things like religion and philosophy are essential in life? I feel that it helps give my life direction and meaning. How do you feel about it? If you do feel religion or philosophy is important do you think those things are relative?

  • nina

    This is prob a loooong shot but, I have been searching for the purple FREE CITY (on one side of booty pocket) pants you often wore on Girlfriends for EVER, I L-O-V-E those pants…..I need to have those pants. Where can I get a pair??????
    also, I miss Girlfriends, your show is my “happy place”……till this day!

  • Lisa G

    You are just beautiful! Inside and out. The one question I wanted to ask I don’t know how to without offending you BUT i looked up surgery called Amblyopia, it’s for lazy eye. It’s done on insurance. Have you ever considered getting it? My mom had it and she looks GREAT!! Only because you are too pretty for that! Just a thought.. Anyway, I think you should consider girly movies like Jennifer Lopez. You’d be perfect because you need to crossover so the world can see your great acting skills. Girlfriends was phenomenal, FOR US but it was a BLACK show and all your shows are revolving around BLACK. You need that breakthrough role like Will Smith and Kerry Washington on a mixed race show so you can get exposure!! Just a thought. My husband loves Girlfriends too! lol I could see you going for any quirky type role, PERFECT! Anyway, I just want you to share your talents with the rest of the world. The new show is OK, lots of people like it but it’s still a BLACK show. Love ya

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