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This Blow Out Is Rocking My World Right Now

This Blow Out Is Rocking My World Right Now Posted on February 11th, 2013 in Hair.

Okay, so I wanted to yap about how excited I was about the Grammys, Downton Abby, and my new & fab Joyus bracelets but really this video just ended up being all about my new, amazing blow out!!! Y’all know I love a good blow out and this one was just too good not to share! In the end, this video really just became exclusively about the hair but I’m okay with that hahaha!


  • ellesauvignon

    I love you. lmao your hair looks amaaaazing!

  • Sing

    Your hair is fab. I don’t blame you for showing it off.

  • Drew

    Tracee – you are awesome and I love you like crazy. Girlfriends was the best show ever and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair the way it is naturally (curly) but you look AMAZING with the blow out. Good luck with the call back.

  • Shellycurls

    You’re right…that hair needed to be seen! Fabulous!!!


  • yellow251

    Fab hair!!!!

  • Freddie

    The hair looks great. I do love the curls though. Good luck on the call back. I hope that’s OK to say. No make-up, really! You look fabulous! Thanks for the video! They are always great even if it’s just to whip your hair! You should do a re-mix of the song!

  • TheBantuGirl

    That is a lovely blow out, love the nails and the bracelets as well.

  • Sophia

    You are so funny. Love your hair and the bracelets.

  • Travisean

    Glad you loved the blowout!!!! Love the video and the website is fantastic!!!

  • C.D. Beatrice Clay

    This is why i LOVE you. Just plain ‘ole human. Your hair and bare face…GORGEY! **hugs and hi5** all the best on your call back!

  • Stunning.

  • your hair is fabulous! i need to figure out how to get my hair to stay straight when i do blowouts

  • carol nelson

    tracee, love the blow out!!!!

  • You are so BEAUTIFUL inside and out. I am a huge fan and would love to send you a shirt from my company KINKY TEES. It would be an honor for you to rock one of my tees! Please check out my site at

  • Shamere

    I have a question and it has no malicious intent behind it. Is one of your eyes smaller than the other. The old folk would call it a lazy eye.

  • SandraJoëlle Mekoa

    This is so beautiful. I have natural hair. tried a blow out but it was just awful…:( yours is very beautiful Tracee. thanks for sharing. Et j’aime beaucoup ton français… “sans maquillage” … :)

  • Stefany

    Okay, I just want you to know that I was laughing hysterically while watching this video. So glad I didn’t take a sip of beer first because I would have spat it all over the place. You are my favorite.

  • naturalNstylish

    Absolutely love you!! I’m a Downton Abbey fan too. Saw your mom in concert about 20 years ago and she was fabulous! Just found your website today and will be checking in often.

  • charles rutledge

    You are so funny and you seem like such a fun person!!!! I don’t understand why you are not in more movies and television??? You would be great as one of the female prosecutors on Law And Order, SVU. You are such an exceptional actress, in my humble opinion. You are an exceptional beauty, also. You and your mother ( The Devine Miss Ross) are the two people in show business that I love most!!!! Please stay as “down-to-earth” and sweet as you apparently are! Just finished watching your mom’s movie, Lady Sings The Blues. How ironic, I turned from the Oscar telecast to her movie. I was just telling my wife that Diana Ross should have won an Oscar. Stay cool, Tracee. Love ya!

  • Natalie P

    WOW! You look absolutely gorgeous.

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