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Talking Hair With The FABULOUS, Chescalocs

Talking Hair With The FABULOUS, Chescalocs Posted on March 8th, 2013 in Hair.

I recently sat down for a chat with YouTube sensation: Chescalocs. She’s wonderful, hilarious, and really just the best! Anyways, last time we gabbed about life and the interwebs, but this video is all about HAIR! It was so much fun yapping away with her, and I wanted to share the video proof with you. Plus we have a very important question for you! So answer in the comments!


  • Ms. Michelle

    You’re my hair idol! I too cannot have a low face would be all in the windshield lol!!! Love this video :)

    • Ms. Michelle

      Forgot my answer! I use a satin bonnet on my pineappled ponytail and over that I use a fake “sue Maesta hood” that I made myself to keep my edges layed. I also sleep on a satin pillowcase.

  • CurlySwirl

    Am I the first?? I just saw this post on FB so here I am to watch and to tell you that for night-night time I wear a huge silk scarf wrapped around my head.

    I fold a corner down, lay the flat edge at my hairline, pull the two ends back and then back up, and tie it on top.

  • Nelly

    I do the same thing you do. I put my hair in a pony tail with a hair tie (that doesn’t have the metal) and I use a silk scarf to wrap my hair afterwards. Both of you ladies are AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing with us. :)

  • Depends on how I’m wearing my hair at the time. Twists or curly weave-Satin bonnet; twist-out-silk scarf; straightened-wrapped around my head, with a satin wrap holder thing and a satin bonnet; individual braids-in a top bun with the wrap thing around my edges.

  • ashley Saladin

    I leave my hair in a twisted bun after sprying some sort of oil … no scarf … this way when i wake up and comb through i kinda have wavy volumized hair….

  • Ok…basically, this is my method. I wear my hair natural now, since fall 2009 when I began to grow out my relaxer (first with the help of Casamas braids at first for the bulk of growing out the relaxer period, i.e.10 mos. of wearing braids). So, my relaxer now has all grown out. Just my hair as is (sport a color rinse), but besides that just the ingredients in shampoos and conditioners. I co-wash my hair with Humectress and wet-set (roller-set) my hair on rollers and go to bed. I have shoulder length hair. After a wet-set, the days..after I pin curl my hair (bobby pins) all around my head, wrap my hair up in a satin scarf, sleep on a satin pillow and go to bed. Any satin scarf will work something like this,default,pd.html?green=7a7077da-8dc0-4d67-a4e1-13bc581d8c4c&cm_vc=MYBUYS
    My pin curls are my staple, pin curling makes the curls set in and I simply pin curl my hair for the whole week (or a little longer) before co-wash my hair again and start the whole process all over. I wear a satin scarf to be wrapped around my head.

  • Night time hair care I’ve done it all. I have satin covered sponge rollers, I have hard plastic rollers with the spiky brush tips and white spokes that hurt your head. I have a satin bonnet a satin skull cap two satin scarves and even a mesh wrap. If my hair is freshly pressed I wrap it with the scarf. Never had a problem with body and volume so it stays pretty big. If I’m between presses and my hair looks like who did it and why I may skip the scarf or I might tie it like a do-rag and keep it moving.

  • I loved this video btw! At night I use a satin bonnet or scarf. I am thinking of buying a satin or silk pillow case because my bonnet or scarf always comes off at night. Idk about the pillowcase because my husband always finds himself on my pillow :-). Oh yeah I have been locd for a year and they reach the back of my neck. Before I locd I did the same technique at night.

  • I sleep with a satin scarf sometimes…only if I have flat twists something similar. I can usually fluff the style out in the morning and it helps the style last longer. If my hair is straight or curly I wear it in a LOOSE high bun.

  • Tracey MochaGirl

    Loved the video!!! I am a ‘newbie’ natural gal and I sleep in a satin bonnet. I wake up and my hair is still pressed down to my hair but it is still moisturized. I do use a edge control – not to have ‘baby hair’ out, but to have a sleeker look in my side because my sides a finer than the rest of my hair. Love ya Tracee!!

  • UnabashedKandi

    I have car bun issues and bun weight issues. My goal has been to just let my hair grow as long as it wants but having thick curly hair the weight is starting to be a real headache. For my nightly ritual I just put my hair up in a pineapple ponytail and sleep on a satin pillowcase

  • Satin pillowcase all the time! I even travel with it ! depending on what state my hair is in i use a satin bonnet and or a satin head tie too.

  • Ladyjbandy

    Tracee, I do the same as you, I do not sleep with anything on my hair. I like having a lot of body in my hair. So all I have to do is brush, comb and go. I can get away with curling it once a week and it will last. My hair naturally has a lot of body.

    • Chelsea

      I also do the same. I love the body (and embrass the frizz). Ditto with the baby hair, Tracee! I do the same, I love the disheveled sexiness of it! Thanks for the video!

  • I wear a satin bonnet for my micro locs. I used to wear a satin scarf, but it would slip off while I slept. After a while I started noticing lint fuzzes in my hair( a huge no no!!!) that gave my micro locs an ashy appearance, even when they were well moisturized. The bonnet stays on all night and prevents the lint fuzzes from occurring.

  • Holli Day

    I definitely would not wear anything on my head to sleep if I had satin or silk pillow cases, but I don’t, so instead I use the satin bonnet.

  • Tracie M Parker

    I only use a satin scarf :D . . . .

  • t

    I’m a satin or silk scarf sleeper, but I take of my scarf first thing in the morning, so that I my hair can breathe an grow a bit and get some volume back by the time I leave my house to go to work. My sister sleep with a high bun and scarf. she says that way when she takes it down the next day she still has volume.

  • t

    *ugh. please forgive those typos. clearly it is too late and i am too sleepy to try to comment right now. (but hair conversations always excite me!)

  • Joan

    I tried the satin scarf but it keeps me from having a deep sleep because I am subconsciously thinking it will come undone – and it usually does. I now sleep on a satin pillow and wrap and tie my hair when I first wake up and that does the trick.

  • Baranda Sawyers

    I sleep with nothing, so I wake up looking sooooo funny when my hair isn’t blown out. When it’s blown out or flat ironed I can wake up and go – I look spectacular straight out of bed. hahahaha when it’s BIG and CURLY it’s HILARIOUS!!! I LOVE YOU TWO TOGETHER!!! IT LOOKED LIKE YOU ALL HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS VLOG!!! TRACEE THANK YOU FOR JUST BEING YOU IN THIS CRAZY MIXED UP WONDERFUL WORLD!

  • I wear a satin thingy that is sewn into a kind of sock that I stuff my locs into, then tie beneath and over. It is a futile process, as my hair has gotten so heavy that the front still slips back during the night. Or maybe it’s just because I sleep “wild.” Lol!). I’ve tried to sleep in a bun, tied up with a scarf, but it feels like there’s a tumor back there! Driving with my back and top bun is hysterical. I have to hunch down in the seat. Yeah, that’s safe.

  • Sha

    I have a love hate relationship with “scarfing.” When I tired of finding my scarf across the room when I woke up…I started tying it around my pillow. It’s a two-for. You get to protect your hair and still look sexy in bed. Score!!

  • Rebekah Hutton

    I’ll wrap my hair when it’s blown out just so the ends don’t end up looking crunchy, but if I’m wearing it curly, I usually get pretty laissez faire about it and end up waking up looking like a troll doll.

  • I’ve slept with a scarf or bonnet on my head since I was like 4 years old (lol)! I always wear something on my head at night to preserve my style/keep my hair from breaking. I wear my hair natural now, but I found that it doesn’t matter if my hair is relaxed or natural, I will experience breakage if I go without a satin scarf or bonnet. By the way, I can really relate to the problems with wearing a bun in my hair while driving.

  • Chris

    Tracee, hair is such an issue, particularly length, with black women. But white actresses like Demi Moore, Charlize Theron, and Anne Hathaway have cut/shaved their heads for movie rolls. Would you ever consider doing that if it was significant to a character you were asked to portray?

  • lana

    Hi Tracee,
    Could you please please do a video on your hair routine, or on any current products you are using??
    I absolutely love, love your hair. It is the reason i decided to go natural the second time( i’ve gone natural 4 times so far, bu i promise this is the last time). I love watching you.. You are hilarious!!!

  • My sleep regimen is either twists or the pineapple method….but a satin cap is a must for me :)

  • KarenF

    I can so relate to the bun situation when driving or even in the passenger seat. So annoying. It is a shame that cosmo schools have not caught up to the advertisers who show natural kids and adults-male and female in print and in commercials. Naturals are everywhere so why not teach it in cosmo school? Just like why not make sure that people who do actors hair either know what they are doing or get folks in to work that film or show so our hair does not end up damaged. Ugh.

  • KarenF

    Oh, yes, forgot. Sleep with a satin scarf with a satin bonnet on top most nights. Sometimes just the bonnet. Never sleep with nothing, though. Feel incomplete even when I go to bed late. Took a nap without anything once in two years since my big chop. Never again. Felt guilty and pillowcase seemed to have slurped up all the moisture from my hair. Bought a silk pillowcase but sleep too wild so still wear the scarf/bonnet combo.

  • Taj

    Hilarious video and as someone with long locs I can relate.

  • LeisaPeisa

    Satin pillowcase all the way!

  • Tiffanydawn

    I sleep with a satin scarf. My hair looks ridiculous when I take the scarf off in the morning!

  • blaire

    Im a satin scarf or a satin bonnet

  • Hey Tracee,
    I love this conversation about hair, you all make my job easy! I sleep with nothing on my head hoping for a miracle in the morning, turns out the best big hair is when you I don’t fuss with it at night. Now of course I wouldn’t try this if I had something special planned. Much love to you….Pamela Ferrell

  • Ami

    I have to say that I’ve never used anything! Living in Australia, not knowing my biological father and having an Australian Mum and being the only one in my family with my brown skin and crazy afro, there are so many hair things that I I have no idea about and am just starting to learn now in my late 20’s. Love the video!

  • Jo

    Hi Tracee! I love your sites! I use a nylon scarf, but after watching the video I think I will try the silk scarf. Satin would not work of course for the same reason you don’t use them.

  • Stephanie Gives

    I have embraced my curly hair and I have been all natural since 2009 and loving it. I get blow outs every two weeks and wrap my hair in a silk scarf. Thanks Tracee for all that you do. Your the bomb.


    I sleep without a scarf when wearing my hair in it’s natural state, and with a scarf when my hair is blown out!

  • Satin cap…. However it is hardly ever on when I wake up in the morning, but hey I try :)

  • Trixie

    I am transitioning from relaxed to natural and i put lots of product in my hair and yet my ends are still dry and frizzy. I know i have to keep trimming but is there anything i can to in the meantime without chopping all my locks off?

  • I am a satin bonnet sleeper. OMG I loved this . You two are hilarious!! <3 <3

  • Tameka

    I am a NO scarf girl …. I have super curly hair … and I love big hair.

  • You are my hair twin lol. when i sleep i sleep with no scarf just because i dont like wrapping my hair at night and mostly i dont feel the need to.

  • I think I’m jumping in on this late but I am a “scarfer”. I have a satin scarf that belonged to my Gr. Grandma and I wear it every night. So I go to bed looking like an old lady but my hair is fab in the morning lol.

  • I’ve been natural since the mid 90s…I just COULD NOT do another relaxer…so I braided my hair and kept it like that till my hair grew out and got regular trims and gradually cut the perm out. I twist or briad my hair nightly and sleep in a satin bonnet….but my hair sweats in the warmer months, so I sleep on a satin pillowcase.

  • gg

    I use a scarf to sleep in the winter months. Summer months I use nothing. Its too hot and I sweat alot

  • danielle

    I Wear a silk Scarf :D

  • Cheryl Anne Harper

    Okay. What do I love about my hair…. I love the color of my hair. It’s such a mysterious black, with strands of silvery gray in the front-even though I’m young. It’s like having twinkle dust-or glitter naturally. Another thing I love about my hair is that it’s full. I have an almost-as-God-made-it hairline. I learned early on-as a little girl, that using hot instruments was the enemy of curly hair. Oh, yeah and I love my widow’s peak!. These are some of the things I love about my hair. I love that I put my hands inside and I feel my own natural luxury. It is really a very lovely way to make myself remember that God made me a woman on purpose. Like the wild flowers in the field to be admired and pondered. I love my hair because it’s been with me-all of the I suppose millions of strands that have come and gone throughout this 36 plus years. I love you hair! I love you! Thank you sooooo much for doing all of the pretty, stunningly, womanly things that you do!

  • txgrits

    stain pillowcase when I have my for out, rollers and stain bonnet when it’s blown out

  • Karine

    How come I discover this website only now? Late to the party but glad I am finally here.

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