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  • Iris M. Gross

    Some of them posing like they’re cute, too! Lol!! It’s a great easy style for any ethnic woman.

    • Allison

      That’s because they are cute.

      • Iris M. Gross

        That is, of course, a matter of opinion.

  • Freddie

    The ladies do look beautiful and stylish! Great idea! You have to do the curls next!

  • Rakeah Glass

    Thanks so much for featuring me on your website (red blouse)! I am so honored to have my hair inspiration (your hair was the inspiration that propelled me to stop getting relaxers and embrace my curls!). Please feature your top knot bun (see pic below) next. While I have yet to master the milkmaid bun (went to the stylist for that…ha!), I have the top knot bun down!

  • Sela Lewis

    I have always been afraid to wear this look for a few reasons, mainly because I don’t know how to braid a French braid. My mother doesn’t even know how. When I was a kid, she sent me to a hair salon, and paid a stylist just to braid two French braids in my hair. So that tells you the hairstyle limits of my family.

    But these photos are so inspiring. I think I’m gonna find a YouTube video and learn this technique.

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