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Let’s Talk Hair!

Let’s Talk Hair! Posted on September 12th, 2013 in Hair.

“Let’s talk about HAIR baby, let’s talk about you and me.
Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be.”

– Salt-N-Peppa

Okay, so I may have gotten a little creative with the lyrics, but I couldn’t resist. It’s time to talk HAIR! This time around, I wanna know what you wanna know about my hair! Do you want to know how I do a certain ‘do? Do you want to know what products I use? I’m open to anything, so ask away! It’s #HairLove time.


  • Tyrone

    Hi Tracee, it’s Tyrone. I would just like to know what your hair looks like after a night of passion. As you rise with the sun, slowly sauntering into the kitchen to fix a wonderful organic breakfast, fresh squeezed orange juice, toast w/ strawberry jam. a thin robe to tantalize the imagination. your hips succumbing to the natural rhythm of your magnificent figure. no blush, no mascara, just that gorgeous hair surrounding your beautiful face, full of wisdom and unconquerable spirit.

  • Marsha Sherrill

    I’d like to know about the products you use. Your hair looks so thick & luscious all the time. It looks very healthy & happy! ALSO, how often do you wash your hair? THANKS SO MUCH!!

  • mi§.b∂llin ☠

    Hi Tracee, I am so curious about this. Do you find that you get approached by different “types of men” based on what style your hair is in? I guess another way of putting it would be, do you feel like you are more approachable when your hair is down vs up, etc. I deal with this all of the time and I would love to know your take on the matter. xoxo

    • Tyrone

      that’s a good question.

  • Marci

    Hi Tracee! How do you keep your hair moisturized? Because I find it hard to my natural curls adequately moisturized, I flat iron it often. Also, what shampoo and conditioner do you use?

  • Amanda

    How do you achieve great second-day wash n go curls? Also, what daily moisturizer do you use?

  • Adriane

    Hi Tracee! This is tricky. But could you possibly show overnight ideas of how you maintain your hair in different styles? Ex: How to maintain your natural curls over night without washing in the morning or crushing them at night. A follow up question is overnight style ideas in general to reduce morning time washes in the winter (I HATE GETTING SICK WHEN LETTING MY HAIR AIR DRY IN THE COLD)

  • Nat in Harlem.

    Traceeeeeeee! I would love to know how you make that badazz bun. I am also curious about how frequently you shampoo your hair. Finally, I am wondering what products you use to deal with frizz. Thanks!

  • Curiouslycurly

    I would love to know how you use the curling iron & achieve such awesomesauce big hair !!!!!!

  • Help a girl out

    How do you keep your hair mosturized? How do you deal with certain areas of your hair which might be more damaged than others? Where do you get your hair cut? How often do you cut it?

  • Samantha Lewis

    Hey Tracee! Love your hair and it inspires me to stay natural. I would like to know what is your hair regimen at night?

  • Vanessa B.

    ALL of it! Everything you listed, I would LOVE to know!!


  • nickels

    so I just started following Shamless Mya on Youtube. You gotta check out this vid she made about hair dedicated to your mom! So cute.

    I Don’t Care (About My Frizzy Hair) Official Single (+playlist): via @youtube

  • CEA

    how do you straighten your hair? It always looks so fluffy and delicious and healthy and not bone straight. please please please!

  • DebbieLaRhue

    Tracee, really enjoyed watching your “hair-versation” with Christina, Desi, Franchesca, Marisol and Yasmine. Awesome discussion.

  • David Harlan

    I am a white Dad that takes care of his Daughters hair. Ava’s hair is the tightest of curl patterns. I keep it natural and it is beautiful! Ava loves her hair! But sometimes hates the process of caring for her hair!!!!!
    Because of the time it takes to dry naturally I have developed a method of caring for her hair that makes the morning easy except on wash day which is usually Saturday or Sunday morning.
    We wash Ava’s hair with a sulfate free (Ion) shampoo. Next I condition it with (Ion) conditioner after trying hundreds of shampoos and conditioners always looking for the (magic one) I like this one for her hair.
    I let the conditioner set for 10-15 minutes while she plays in the tub. I comb her hair while the conditioner is in her hair because it is sooooo much easier to comb with the conditioner.
    After I rinse the hair I ring the water out and then I apply (Proclaim gel activator with Aloe) again after trying every product on the market this one works the best for Ava’s hair. It is essential to apply the gel to the complete hair from root to ends.
    After Ava gets out of the tub I pair her hair into small groups from the scalp, maybe 1/4″ circle of maybe 20-30 hairs and coat them from root to tip. with a bit of a twist, they make beautiful ringlets.
    After I complete the entire head and about 1 – 1/2 hours we let her hair dry naturally, if it is still damp at bed time I use the diffuser on low heat low speed to dry it from the root (Ava hates it!) but if she goes to bed with wet or damp hair it is tight to her scalp in the morning and it will need to be combed again.
    Our morning ritual is to spray her hair with water and add more of the gel (basically re-grouping the hair that has been tussled during the pervious day and night. this only takes 10-15 minutes, and it looks beautiful all week!

    my question is why at age 6 is her hair only approx. 6″ long on top and 3″ in the back?
    am I doing something wrong? And although I realize longer hair will be more work I would like it to grow longer, and Ava would like it too.
    Does anyone have any tips that might help me care for this beautiful head of hair?

  • Stephanie Jackson

    How do you preserve your natural curls overnight?

  • Vanessa

    What’s your full hair regimen (like daily, weekly, monthly, maybe yearly). ? Have u ever cut your hair? How did you get it so long? What your hair. type ? And tips? Thanks. :)

  • night time routine!

  • $@$h@

    I would really like to know what you use in your hair for your shiny updo hairstyles. Whether it’s a simple high bun or side twists your hair is always so shiny and my hair dries out after a few hours and looks dull. What products do you use to slick your hair down? And for shine?

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