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YOU CHOOSE MY NEXT HAIR VIDEO! Posted on February 18th, 2015 in Hair.

I need your help!  Vote on what my next hair video should be!

Should it be the milkmaid braid?  Or how about the dirty high bun? Maybe the easy selfie curls? Votes must be in by Friday, February 20th by 11:59PM PT and I will film the one with the most votes so get clicking!

UPDATE: Voting has ended,  and the winner was easy selfie curls so stay tuned for the video!!


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  • Riley Cooper

    High bun shows your remarkable features to their excellence. I wish you much peace. You are so level headed and accessible. Love you to life forever.

  • Truth Tella

    You look fantastic in each of these pictures, so there’s that.

  • di

    Do you mean Friday, February 20th, by 11:59?The People ask

  • susiesuzii

    The milk maid braid please! Love you!

  • Hannah F

    Can you just do all 3 with different lipsticks?!?! I live for your hair and lip colors.all 3 is my vote!

  • tam

    Can we choose your next hip hop song to rap to on YouTube?

  • this is my vision of the DHB. I know it’s not getting a lot of votes but i think it is very much of this moment. I am a goof so it is sideways.

  • darlene. johnson

    Yes i voted for DHB but all three would be Amazing!

  • damond mcqueen

    I votes the curls…makes u look like u like it rough

  • Nova Phoenix

    Hey, It’s Nova. I like the milkmaid braid. It’s different. I do like the easyselfiecurls but the first would be new one for you that I’ve seen. Keep rocking’! Love what you’re coin’! – Nova Phoenix-

  • pawsglo


  • di

    Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross!!!

  • Cherry

    Curls all day

  • Leilani

    Dirty high bun

  • Xolelwa Mzili

    I will try milk maid braid, looks nice #newlook

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