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Hair Love Posted on June 14th, 2013 in Hair.

So the other day I reposted an image that I saw on Instagram that absolutely killed me!  Seriously, I was crying with laughter.  As funny as it was, it started to stir something inside me–a bit of which I expressed in my Instagram caption— but the more I thought on it, the more I realized it needed a larger response.  So I took to my laptop and recorded a video! Apologies for the blurriness, I’m doing my best to be more technologically savvy but apparently it’s a process, hahaha! Anyways, hope you enjoy a bit of my hair story, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear why you LOVE YOUR HAIR!


  • Sweetdrk1

    Ok I so don’t do the video thing..but I LOVE this and I am willing to try. *runs to..???* wait what am I going to use? Do I need makeup? Hahahahaha Tracee don’t have me looking a fool. LOL

  • Guest

    PART ONE: (My Youthful and Young Adult Hair)

    I love my because it grows the way it wants.
    I twist my hair clockwise and counter clockwise
    I use Conditioner and Conditioner
    I use (Tres Flores – Three Flowers)
    My hair is fine
    My Hair is burnt red from the sun/iron

    PART TWO: (My Adult Hair)
    My answer coming soon!!!

  • Matell

    PART ONE: (My Youthful and Young Adult Hair)

    I love my because it grows the way it wants.
    I twist my hair clockwise and counter clockwise
    I use Conditioner and Conditioner
    I use (Tres Flores – Three Flowers)
    My hair is fine
    My Hair is burnt red from the sun/iron

    PART TWO: (My Adult Hair – Greying)
    My answer coming soon!!!

  • Saquán

    Peace and Happiness Tracee! Let me first say this; I LOVE YOU!! You are an inspiration and my idol. I appreciate you! I hope you read this. PLEEEEASE!!! LOL

    I have naturally curly hair and my hair has been a slave of the relaxer since 1993. I was 13.. I always thought that straight hair was the way it was supposed to be. I wanted to fit in, so I begged my mom for a relaxer. 18 years later at the age of 31, I decided to go natural. Enough was enough. No more relaxers. I too, didn’t do the “Big Chop”. I did what I like to call, the “Trim and Grow”, LOL. I experienced a lot of breakage and cried. It’s been a rough two years, but I toughed it out. I am now 33 and relaxer free. I’m back to my natural curls and I LOVE ME! I have now embraced what I’ve been blessed with. NATURAL GIRLS ROCK!!

    Bless for taking the time out to record this video. On Wednesday, aroundthewaycurls picked me to be the aroundthewaycurls girl of the day! I was excited. I’ve enclosed photos of my natural self. Those were taken two days ago. 06-12-2013

    Love and Blessings Tracee,


    (Twitter and Instagram name: @ms_gypsy_eyes) FOLLOW ME!! =D

  • DaniPhilly

    I love you …lol

  • di

    I love my hair because it was divinely created along with my conscious body/self.The Divine Lineage!Hearts and Love to you,Ms.T!!!

  • jackie belk

    So I’m new to this but I did a video and I hope you can see it : ) Thanks Tracee!!!

  • Nicole R Hughes

    Tracee I’m posting on your sight, so I can keep it unlisted instead of public. It won’t let me post as unlisted on your “Hair Love” video. I hope you see this. :) smooches

    • Nicole R Hughes

      this video is about why I love my hair. hope you like!!! Shoot…I hope you see it. lol

  • Janelle Lee

    Hey Traccee , saw your video and loved it!! Here is my response!!

  • Tracee, I have so much love for this video, I can barely contain it. Thank you for sharing your story!!

  • LeslieMac My hair love video! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Kay Nix

    Trace you ARE awesome and I love everything about you. EYE….Love my hair because its fun…I love my hair because it’s soft….I love my hair because it has an attitude and does what it wants…I love my hair because I can wash and go….I love my hair because it’s different. I love my hair mostly because it’s one thing amongst others that I can say I love about myself.

  • Dani

    Quick vid i did I was about to wash my hair lol… @daniwithonen on twitter and danighrams on ig

  • freeyourmane

    We love YOU Tracee! Hair or no hair!

  • Mz. Leaa

    I love my hair video on why I love my hair

  • naturallyzoefriendly
  • Phyona

    I am giving away one of my natural hair tshirts on instagram hashtag #TNHairLuv and since @teamnatural_ was inspired by your video I came to check it out, love it! Personally I love my hair because it makes me feel free. I get more attention when it’s straightened but when it’s in it’s natural state I feel liberated, every flip, sway, bounce of my hair makes me feel good about my decision to rock my hair the way it is even if some people don’t find it aesthetically pleasing or even “unprofessional” I take care of my hair and it shows, it looks and feels healthy, it gives me life Tracee liiiife!

  • TenaciousLadyT

    Why I love my Hair!

  • Hiwot

    Why I love my hair :)

  • Charmarie

    I happened to come across your video on Huffington Post and I just wanted comment on how amazing I think your video is. I’ve been fighting with my hair since I cut it off last year and I just want to thank you for addressing this, it’s true I have hair envy of sorts but the bottom line is I had a relaxer to make it something it wasn’t and even as a natural I’ve caught myself doing the same thing. I’m going to stop and just embrace my own curl. I get compliments from people because they love my curl pattern and say I wear short hair well. But still inside of my is a level of insecurity about my hair. Thank you Tracee, for wrangling me back and realizing what’s important, loving what I have and not trying to make it something it’s not. Besides I’m sick of reading natural hair care blogs, lol.

  • Hiwot Anteneh
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  • Beckie

    I dont have a webcam but I do have a pic for ya. I lost all my hair from chemo over the last 2 years. I had long wavy hair before but as it grew back it came in very kinky. I had no idea how to take care of it and my family kept pickin on me and laughing at my “fro”. I kept trying different products to “defrizz” it to try to get it to lay down but nothing worked at all. Well I am now proud of my hair. This pic was taken after I brushed it so its a bit frizzy but if I pick it out it is very tight curls. If I pull my hair down it goes past my nose. Thank you for your video.

  • Bryana

    My name is Bryana and I love my hair because its healthy! I also love my hair because accessories just look better with my textured, kinky, curly tresses! LOL

  • nickels

    I saw this all go down on IG. Love that Tracee is transparent w her love/hate w her hair and reached out to Around The Way Curls. And she posted she wanted to work w the girls!

    Right on Tracee!! Great message about loving what you have and not coveting others curls (sooo easier said than done…)

  • Ronnie

    I simply AADORE your genuine sweet spirit. You are truly an inspiration to ALL people. Big cyber. Hugs to you Ms. Ross :-)

  • gods5nest

    I love my hair because…. it’s versitle! I can do so many different things with it, and it’s the most fun ever! I thank God for my hair, because so many people aren’t able, and that can be huge esteem killer for a girl!

  • Nappycurls

    I love my hair because it’s versatile, because it’s tightly curled because it’s faithful and it fits to me best. It’s what God gave me and everytime i straighten it I can’t wait to see the curls again. (4bhair)

  • Love My Hairitage

    Hi Tracee!

    My business partner, Lisa and I, were excited to read about your Hair Love
    campaign. Our mission, as described on our new website,

    The way we feel about our hair drives our confidence in many cases. Who
    hasn’t had a bad hair morning that completely ruined their day? Love My
    Hairitage strives through education, healthy hair training, and open
    discussion, to go a step further. We believe we can help girls to embrace their
    hair, no matter what the texture or type, and ultimately gain confidence in
    their true inner beauty.

    We are grateful for your efforts and would love for you to collaborate with us to help girls become confident,
    self-reliant leaders who redefine what magazines, media, television, and the cat walk call beautiful! WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!

    Please respond to us at

  • David Harlan

    My 5 year old Daughter Ava Loves her Big Hair!

  • David Harlan

    My 5 year daughter loves her Big Hair!

  • Nneka Kirkland

    Why I love my hair!

  • DeMario

    I love the message that you are sending to others in this video. You are one of my favorite actresses and this makes me respect you even more! Thank you Tracee! :-)

  • pabboo

    Oh Tracie that was a cute video! I love your hair because its big, now im not saying I hate my hair but I wish I got back some of it I lost lol and thank goodness for hair coloring :)

  • Nappy Nicole

    Check out this video from a play called I love my hair the play:-) sums it all up..

  • MrsTrip98 .

    If we shared the love that our hair consistently gives to us, reciprocity would lead us to a utopian world.

  • Sonya

    I’d love to know Rhonda’s hair regimen.



  • LadyVeteran8284

    Love it Tracee
    Ellis Ross! lol

  • Altty O. Kilpatrick

    I believe you should make a web series. I have a few great ideas.
    -Altty O. Kilpatrick

  • D A Ballinger

    I’m with you 100% Tracee, that’s why I wrote the tell all book “UNBEWEAVABLE”. I plan to get One Million men on August 31 2015 to walk up to 10 black women and just say “I LOVE YOUR HAIR” Just think of it, 10 million black women lifted -up in one day. It’s been to long for us (Black men) not appreciating our black women’s natural hair. Want to help? or get the book, contact me at, or:

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