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  • Michelle

    As a fellow executive assistant to a head of hair (also my own) I got the absolute biggest kick out of this post. Oh, and I LOVE the song “look at my hair; Travis” complete with a “do you see how long it has gotten” shout of joy at the end; hilarious(-:

  • I would legit still follow your blog even if it were 100% self-indulgent hair posts. Also, Travis. You’re a silly, excellent man.

  • sauvignonelle

    You could be as self-indulgent as you want and we’d still come to your blog everyday! lol This is why we’re here! :) Your hair looks so luscious!

  • di

    Happy Sunday, Ms.T :)

  • I understand completely, Tracee! I just came out of the shower this Sunday morning, and Ihave ro rub a little Aussie and my green hair lotion to keep from looking like Sideshow Bob!

  • Yavonkia Jenkins


  • emjay

    Girl u are tooooo too much lol I love it

  • newme

    Love your hair.

  • Denise L. Norris

    am not my hair(India Arie), but I too love my hair, simply because it
    is what God gave me, wonderfully and marvelously in His eyes and just
    for me!

  • Donelle Benjamin

    I love you Tracee! Can you please tell us how u achieve your big fabulous high bun?

  • yadita2002

    Tracee can you please post a full video of your blow outs and products. ..please!

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