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  • Marianne

    Honey dripping from lips…Perfect description for lip gloss!! Also love my moist wipes..Aquaphor Healing Ointment also great to use to prevent chaffing…

  • TheBantuGirl

    Two of my favorite drugstore staples are CoverGirl Lashblast mascara in very black and Simple wipes.

  • Jacs

    Well, it’s not lip gloss and make up, although I have some I love. Allow me to share if you don’t mind. Olivia, Natural Bar Soap with extra virgin olive oil. I purchase it at World Market.

  • pemora

    eos lip gloss, maybelline baby lips (peach fuzz is my personal fave), cover girl clear mascara for my eyebrows and oil of olay (or old of olay, as my husband calls it)….LOVE!

  • KStreet202

    I just picked up Jessie’s Girl Waterproof liquid eyeliner a few days ago from RiteAid. It has a Japanese calligraphy brush so the line can be as thick or thin as you want it. One word: Awesome!!!. For someone like myself who typically sticks with department store brands it is pretty exciting to pay 6.99 for a product. I’m also in love with the Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in lovesick, and the Nivea blue tin moisturizing creme perfect for on the go. I did a product review on the lip balm & eyeliner on my YouTube Channel kstreet202.

  • Alex Rivas

    I love, “everyone lotion.” In the aloe scent. Use it especially if you’re a sun lover like me.

    I work in entertainment as well. (Santana, Chicago, Will.I.Am, etc)
    Actually, I am good friends with you’re mom’s assistant. Funny thing, we were hanging while running an errand for her the other day. Small world. Haha.

    Shoot me an email. It’d be nice to talk a bit, since we know mutual people.

    Hope you see this and to hear from you soon.

    — Alex

  • Andrew

    One of the facial cleansers you will find at my sink is Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash by Johnson and Johnson. I buy it at Target 6oz bottle less than $5.00. It won’t clog pores. It is soap free oil free. It won Allures Editors Choice Award in 2008 so I imagine it’s here to stay. Try it. You won’t regret it.

  • Deanna J

    I love

  • Venus Holland Angouma

    One item I have to have with me at all time is hand cream…so I just discovered a product called Nivea Smooth Indulgence Macadamia Nut Oil hand cream. It’s velvety smooth and gives my skin a little glow without being oily. The tub is a little larger than a purse size, but it goes with me no matter the size of the purse.

  • Simone BE

    my drug store beauty staples are definitely Yes to Cucumbers/Blueberries cleanser cloths. I love that the product is natural and it leaves my skin feeling clean and glowy without being dry. I also love Nivea Lotion Tin, so easy to throw in my purse and keep at my desk. My most recent discovery is Maybelline Vivid lip colors alast I’ve found beautiful long lasting lip colors that have great pigments and are inexpensive. Total Score!

  • IKA

    I agree. I get some great deals in walmart, cvs, riteaid, I mean come on! people are lossing their jobs, and as a women I need to look and feel good. Shopping for less is a talent. lol


  • Chicago Chica

    I love Neosporin for my cuticles. It helps heal those pesky hang nails! I also cannot do without my Kerasol for my feet in the summer. It leaves them soft and crack free!

  • Mckenzie so Fierce

    I am a bit lip balm person especially living in the Midwest, it is literally an essential. Unfortunately I am learning that most use petroleum or mineral oil which takes longer to break down. The result: your lips feel moisturized but they are not being properly hydrated. It’s important to seek a lip balm that has penetrataeble oils. My new obsession is Oh My a Peppermint lip balm. I stumbled upon it one sleepless night on my obsession for a lip balm. It was cheap-plus and made to order double plus so I ordered it. It’s all I use now and the owner seems to be new in business so prices are awesome. I usually DO NOT recommend d products because I am very picky but telling you ladies, this lip balm is great. There are a ton of other made to order products but I can’t recommend because haven’t gotten around to trying them…it’s my goal though. Anyway ling story short google Sweet little Somethings it’s a .net site and I promise your lips will be happy you did. No more dry, splitting lips for me this winter

  • DaMora Upchurch

    I have been using Lubriderm SPF 15 lotion on my face for about 15 years. It’s light weight, moisturizing, and has a touch of sunscreen. When I need something a little thicker for those winter nights, I use a little Vaseline on my dry spots before going to bed.

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