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Let’s Talk About Eyebrows: My Progress

Let’s Talk About Eyebrows: My Progress Posted on April 20th, 2013 in Beauty.

It’s been nearly a month since I first chronicled my eyebrow growth, and I’m finally making strides with my bushy arches…well at least for my left eyebrow, I’m not totally sure what’s happening with the right, hahaha! It’s a slow process, but (hopefully) we’re in this together! How’s your progress coming along? Share with me your 80’s fluff or whatever you are naming your progress!  Oh, and if you’ve discovered any tips, tricks, or products I WANNA HEAR ABOUT ‘EM!


  • Hey Tracee!!!!! What is happening is that you are beautiful and there is nothing out of sorts reguarding the way you look at all,Darling!! All The Best,Love!!!!!

  • Schatzievonwyatt

    Hi Tracee. I haven’t waxed my brows sin December. I’m using castor oil on them nightly. Still don’t have the Roitfeld brow I so crave, but I’m going to try and stick it out until December and see what I’m working with then.

  • di

    Who Dat? We DAt! Powerful Chant.Happy Sunday to you and yours!

  • di

    Who Dat? We Dat!Happy Sunday to you and Yours.

  • Stefany

    I have literally always kept my eyebrows thick, except for that one tragic week in 8th grade where my half-sister made me get them razored down to skinniness. I don’t do products or anything like that, so I just wanted to voice my solidarity. Step up your game, Tracee’s right brow!

  • Drissia

    Hey Tracee!!

    Just stumbled across this, so I’m not sure how much I’ve missed, but seeing it is aaaalmost making me seriously consider letting mine just grow! I’ve been in between great shapes and very awkward ones, lol. It depends how good i am with the tweezers on the day. I keep getting told to just let the natural shape come back and start from scratch, but I really can’t!! After two weeks of bushiness, I have the urge to tweez! Just because i remember how much I hated my eyebrow shape when I was younger, and tweeting was the best thing I did.
    Nice to see how you rock yours! I might do the same one day lool. Do you colour them in though, during the day?

    Much love!!

  • I need the live version of this video.

  • jamaican black castor oil is a godsend for promoting hair growth. an old tried and true remedy for thinning edges and eyebrows, just rub some on the area at night.

  • SilkOne

    Anastasia of LA sells a brow serum that is supposed to stimulate growth — it seems to have worked for me after I was butchered at one of those threading stations in the mall!

  • nicole

    Hey Tracee! My name is Nicole, and I am doing the same thing with growing my eyebrows out! I have been doing my eyebrows on and off since i was like 13 i am 21 now and i am backing away from the tweezers and letting them grow out! My goal is to go three months maybe even four months of no touching of the brows besides of course taking care of the middle of my brows ahaha. I want to get them professionally done and have found someone that i can trust to do them! I just ordered this product called Brow Vitality Complex. Which contains the important NATURAL ingredients to get your brows back on track. I am waiting for mine in the mail but should be here sometime this week :) if you are interested here is the link and you can read all about it and read comments from ACTUAL people who have used it! Good luck to you and your eyebrows are looking FAB!


    So far three weeks i know its hard to tell but i am trying to grow these puppies out!!
    p.s. sorry for the long message i am just inspired by brows too, and wish for all the best of luck when growing them out :)

  • Shari

    Oh that is so funny. I recently started to grow my brows back as I am trying to achieve the Lily Collins look but it seems we both have the same problems.

  • Pai SanDiego

    hi tracee. i just want to say that im blown away by your blog. you are so beautiful and quirky :-) i love it!

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