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  • Francisca Lopez

    Ooooh! I’ll have to go check this color out…nice nude color.

  • Chicgirl

    Hello Tracee,

    First, let me say your website, not blog is beautiful.

    I plan to take a look at the Nars line this weekend, I love the color. I’ll be sure to let them know where I heard about the new colors.

  • GIGI

    LOVE YOU TRACEEE, besides my mother.. You are an inspiration to me mainly due to your beautiful, boss type personality. so full of life, I can’t explain it! I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • JenelleMD

    The lipstick I beautiful but that hair… I am in LOVE,

  • LJ

    Hey Tracee! I LOVE Nars….Only Lipstick I will EVER wear. Also check out the color, Belle Du Jour by Nars….I get so many compliments on this DIVINE nude shade. Been wearing it for years!

  • What’s your favorite matte in a deep red (not too vibrant)?

    • Camille

      Honestly, Ruby Woo is everything. It’s THAT color. You could layer a cherry lipcolor on top to make it deeper, but RW by itself is still infinitely sophisticated

  • This color looks great on you! I love a good nude lip, and I’m currently using MAC Angel and MAC Blankety.

  • Dennine Anton

    Hi Traceeee!!! I want you to know that I am a HUGE fan. Girlfriends is still my favorite show and still get the same laughs out of episodes that I’ve watched over a thousand times. Anyway, I am loving your website. This nude color looks great one you. My complexion is darker than yours…would this color suit any skin tone?

  • Can darker skinned women pull off a nude lip? I have tried using nude or neutral colored lipstick,but it isn’t compilmentary to my skintone. Is clear gloss my only option?

    • @facebook-100004102804209:disqus I love blonde venus, its looks good on darker tones but like most nudes it needs a clear or similar color gloss to go with it.

      • UrbanWhim

        Blonde Venus eh? I’ve been lookin for a nude lipstick for dark girls like me. I’ll have to try this.

    • noirlily

      I’m a chocolate with orangey red undertones and I wear Blonde Venus if I’m doing a nude lippie with Nars Giza on top.

  • Beautiful; a quiet grace.

  • Jazzluvslife

    Hi Tracee, what blush do you wear with this lippy.

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