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A Lipstick Story

A Lipstick Story Posted on April 10th, 2013 in Beauty.

Like clothes, the right lipsticks can inspire a mood. Thank goodness for lipstick because there have been many a days where painting my lips is the exact thing that turns my frown upside down.  So I thought it’d be fun to choose some of my favorite BOLD lipsticks, then rifle through my closet and see what was born. It was a blast! I just love how each lipstick creates such a distinctive…attitude! In this video we have:

-A red-pucker-ing free spirit born from MAC Ruby Woo
-An orange emotional circus gal wearing Nars Heat Wave
-A peace offering purple girl. I don’t remember the exact lipstick I used but you could use Sephora Heartbreaker Royal Purple
-A pouting, brown-lipped outsider. I think I used NARS but you can also use Bobbi Brown Black Maple
-And finally a pink chanteuse wearing Nars Schiap

Now tell me, what’s your lipstick story!?!?!


  • I love a bright or bold lipstick. My favorite is Mac Ruby Woo. I love that purple you have on.

  • Yellow251

    My favorite red is Dragon by Chanel (so sad it’s been discontinued) so I use it sparingly.
    I’m loving my purple Strong Woman by MAC (I purchased 3 of them because it was limited)
    My favorite vampy lip is Black Orchid by Tom Ford
    I don’t have a favorite pink or orange lip.

  • I love those lippies on you! Especially that brown and I don’t have a brown lip stick. I have to check some out!

    My faves are red (Ruby Woo of course), orange (NYX Matte Lippie in indie flick), purple (mac go for it), pink is nars carthage.

    But i everyday lippie is Mac’s Taupe. Love!

  • Freddie

    Loved the red and the brown!

  • Dineo Maboe

    I’m definitely more colourful than neutral! Lipstick is such an amazing mood turning. I 100% agree with you on that one!

  • TheBantuGirl

    I think the purple is my favorite, then again it is my favorite color. I love Mac Cyber and Ruby Woo, depending on the occasion, I definitely opt for bold lip colors.

  • ellesauvignon

    Ruby Woo is also one of my favorite lipsticks. I feel super sexy when I wear it. But I do have a question; how do you apply yours, and how long does it stay on? I ask because some people apply straight from the tube to their lips, while others use a lip brush. I don’t think mine stays on long enough and I’m wondering if I’m applying it incorrectly..
    I love that purple color! I may have to try that.

  • Joanna

    I wear red lipstick because it makes me feel very empowering! Among my favorite are Ruby Woo, Rimmel Kate Moss #11 and MAC Diva :)

  • Yes! I loovvvee MAC Ruby Woo!!!

  • lol I love it! Red makes me feel sensual…orange is when I am dramatic…pink is naturally me and brown is who I am…Love this post!

  • I love that you share the kind of lip sick you use thanks for the tip new summer lips for me :)

  • GOLDjasper

    Your★Videos Make Me Think★ Smile★
    perhaps … Ishould DOa NEW★COLOR!!

  • you are so cute!

  • Love those pinks and purples…. you really should do a collaboration with Mac Cosmetics!

  • velie

    I’m addicted to bold lips! Defnitely sasses things up. Love nars velvet matte pencil in red square and train bleu (my fave!), mac girl about town, hourglass opaque rouge in riviera, sephora lip stain in always red and for purple Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense #15 is awesome sauce.

  • Evolve

    you truly do good work – very powerful piece on hair with MHP

  • Jeanette Marie

    I love the video!

  • Stefany

    How are you so pretty? Like, what the hell, man. It should be illegal. Please stop.

    (Please continue.)

  • David Harlan

    LIPS a 5 year olds tutorial!

  • Shari

    Your beauty is stunning and bold colours suit you very well, except for the purple one…please stay away from that…

  • Erika

    Tracee I love you! And I’m currently OBSESSED with the lipcolor that you wear on Blackish. Any idea the name/brand??? Wanting to copy your look. Keep on being awesome!

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