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  • Andrew

    Dear Tracee, I have traveled to Italy and I know what your saying. Italian food is very simple and delicious. I adore Italy and all it has to offer. I have wonderful memories of me and my mother traveling throughout Italy as her family lives in a small town between Rome and Naples. You love life and your enthusiasm for living in the moment is inspiring to all of us. We love you. Andrew

  • You are so gorg!!

  • I am obsessed with mushrooms lately. This looks amazing.

  • Jacs

    I was blessed to be there about a year ago. I LOVE Italy and ALL the beauty within. Amazing, enjoy and be blessed!!!!

  • kaya

    Looks delish! I must commend you on your web presence/branding Miss Ross.Excellent work.Fun and relevant.

  • Angela

    Ohhhhh the blessings… let go & let flow. this is not a mere “lunch”, this is an “experience”!

  • di

    Stai Attento, Ms.T! :)

  • velie

    ugh..wheel of cheese = GENIUS!!!! also, i will stop drooling now..

  • Insidebeauty28

    Your photos look like they’re from a travel magazine!

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