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  • sounds fya…love it!!! ;) #TraceeRossStyleCrush

  • I’m feeling a dinner party coming on….Awesome menu!

  • Epiphany S. Moon

    LoL at “It was so great seeing my room in action.”! I think get-togethers are thee best! And they are my absolute favorite way to entertain and spend time with my Loves. Why go out, when we can party in?!!! And the best part is not worrying about having to drive home :~). Your menu looks awesome; it looks like a lot of Love went into the food and this event. <3

  • Omg! It looks so perfect! You’re inspiring me to host that dinner party I’ve been dreaming about doing for ages!

  • sauvignonelle

    Ok, I totally love that Alice Smith is just chillin at your crib, eating and drinking. That is the bomb. And everything looks great! We need pics of the blue room!


  • Nancy


    OMG! Alice Smith is in your house. I just died a little death, you two inhabiting the same space is way too much for me to handle. Love this site and everything you are showing to be through this site and your youtube channel. Keep up the good work, it’s truly lovely to see you live your truth and not someone else’s.

    -Warm feelings from Oxford, England

  • Taj

    I love the menu and it sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I love Alice Smith’s music and could only imagine how everything came together.

  • stephanie williams la, ca

    i love dinner parties! check out pottery barn entertaining ideas! i printed all their holiday and other entertaining stuff that i like to do – very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  • This is just fab! I love how down to earth you are…cooking everything yourself instead of catering and your home looks so welcoming. I need an invite :-)

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