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Snack Time!

Not only is this obscenely delicious, but it’s also super simple to make!  I just toast two slices of gluten free UDI’s bread. On one piece I spread unsalted butter and top with prosciutto. On the other, I mix fresh avocado with lemon, crushed red pepper and salt. So quick, so tasty, so perfect. What’s your favorite snack time recipe? 


  • My favorite snack is frozen grapes!

  • NishNish

    Looks sooo yummie!!! Congrats on your new launch!

  • Tamara

    I love love love that lamp in the back round I remember it from the Instyle feature in 07′, where would you recommend finding a similar style?

  • Jess

    hmmmm sounds nice will def give it a go

  • fun size Snickers?? bad choice?

  • Banana yogurt with sliced bananas. I like bananas!

    • I see! I remember always my Mother putting them in my cereal when i was little. =)

  • I do strawberries with granola and honey. Also I do guacamole. I really love avocado’s

  • Yellowbird251

    I have a few but Fage 2% with fresh organic berries and agave nectar. I also love a quick cheese plate (unhealthy I know) but a few pieces of cheese, about 3-5 slices of a french baguette rub with fresh garlic and olive oil toasted and fig jam (yum!)

  • Greek yogurt with Kashi cereal sprinkled on top!! Yummers!

  • Shar

    Since it is the start of the fall seaon and apples are big right now….my favvy snack is sliced apples (Honey Crips are great) and cottage cheese!

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  • noirlily

    I LOVE avocado toast. I eat it for breakfast and sometimes dinner when I don’t feel like cooking. I top mine with arugula and sometimes radishes.

  • mssballin

    Carrots n’hummus… If it is late night :)

  • Rachel Boutte

    Gala apples with walnuts, Greek yogurt, and any kind of nut butter, esp hazelnut or almond

  • WhatIMean

    Lately it’s almond butter and apple or pear slices.

  • honey roasted organic turkey wrapped around fuji apple or pear slices…sooo good and keeps me from tearing up a bag of chips.

  • jackie83

    Thank you for sharing Tracee. You are truly an inspiration and a rarity in this day and age

  • Diana

    I just started eating avocado….my life will never be the same!

  • LaMamadAna

    whole wheat anything topped with avocado and shrimp, with a light citrus vinaigrette

  • I like turkey bacon and raw spinach leaves on little mini croissants!

  • Nnagbaro

    One slice of turkey lunch meat placed into a cupcake baking pan with one egg cracked into the “turkey cup.” Sprinkle with salt, pepper, cheese and chives. Bake for 15-20 mins and voila!! Turkey and egg cuppy cake!!

    • @WednesdayzGurl

      Sounds good!

  • It looks absolutely delicious! I would love to see many more of these because I love snacks, and maybe another soup like you posted on IG. YUM :)

    Guys what are the advantages of gluten-free things?

  • caramellow

    Kashi granola bars and fruit, flavored cheese (garlic/herb, jabanero) with fruit, turkey pepperoni and fruit.

  • Jay

    Gr8! Now I’m hungry! :)

  • TrishtheDish

    Going out to buy some avocados, prosciutto and gluten free bread right now! My favorite snack time recipe is Greek yogurt, chopped strawberries, granola, with a lil’ agave.

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  • Nik

    I love tomatoe, avocados and shallots mixed together on top of a slice of bread. Also fresh fruit!

  • Tamiya King

    omg i make a version of this with turkey bacon! gluten free bread and all :)

  • Kesha

    Sounds good I must try it!

  • Bernice

    Look good ,but my favorite snack is granola with yogurt

  • Simone Be

    most of you guys posted healthy sounding snacks…mine isn’t so much lol. My fax snack is a sliced apple with a snickers bar. Its like a low cost, deconstructed gourmet chocolate covered apple lol

  • Patton

    I made this sandwich, and it is everything. Thanks for sharing.

  • goodteanicehouse

    This week, I finally made this sandwich for lunch. I used raisin and pecan bread and it was DELICIOUS! Thank you.

  • @WednesdayzGurl

    Turkey Bacon and Chicken Spinach wrap with diced Salerno peppers!!!! To die for!!!

  • @WednesdayzGurl

    Another favorite of mine is Peach or Vanilla Yogurt with Honey Nut Cheerios, so yummy!

  • I like simple and your snack idea sounds tasty. Mine is basically nuts, usually almonds; your’s seems more appetizing. :)

  • KimGM

    My favorite snack is very simple–parmesan cheese. I like to cut off small pieces of it and just savor it. :)

  • Itsmyworldsb

    My favorite Snack is a medium sized bowl of Special K (vanilla Almond) and some fruit on the side! Delicious! You should try it TRACEE!

  • This is brilliant !

  • Rita

    Hi Tracee, I check your blog pretty regularly now. When I’m about to fold down my laptop screen, I suddenly remember, “Oh yeah, let me see what’s goen on with Tracee” Your self portraits make me spray out a laugh. And I love the Switzerland shot. And your passion for food and clothes, make me want to dress better, and put better things into my mouth! If I were an Off-the-shoulder silk blouse, I’d love to be hanging on you ;-) Keep blogging please!

  • Bruce Singleton

    I made a new snack for me a few weeks ago. I took a piece of cinnamon raisin bread and spread peanut butter on it. Then I sprinkled a few chocolate chips on top of it then I strizzled molasses on top. Then I popped in the toaster oven for about 7 minutes. It was soo good. Nect time i make it I will lake pics and post them. Bruce Singleton

  • jazz

    I’ve made this for years since my wonderful aunt showed it to me. I put prosciutto avocado tomato, on a Frenchroll or sourdough and sprinkle with a bit of mozzarella. Then stick it in the broiler for about 4 minutes. And im set till dinner! So yummy and dare i say … healthy!

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