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Happy Egg Sandwich - Tracee Ellis Ross


Happy Egg Sandwich

I go to the Farmers Market almost every Sunday, and I’ve come to love one stand in particular. The owner sells the most amazing eggs I’ve EVER eaten! He shouts to passersby, “Come get some eggs from some happy chickens! ” The first time I visited the stand I asked the guy, “Alright, there are a few different kinds, so which of these are the happiest?!” He said, “Well, they’re all happy!” These are all very happy chickens, but these (pointing to the ones I eventually bought),these are the happiest chickens”. I don’t know if it was how happy those chickens were, but let me tell you, these are some of the yummiest eggs I have EVER eaten.

I recently made a very tasty egg sandwich with Udi’s gluten-free bread, and my last two yummy farmers market eggs from the HAPPY chickens. And is it just me or do the eggs in the sandwich actually LOOK happy!?!

Click through for this super simple, super delicious recipe!

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  • I love eggs from my head down to my legs! Remember that commercial?lol For some reason I only eat boiled or fried eggs. I hate scrabbled eggs, it’s something about the texture that turns me off. Yuck! I must admit that the Happy Egg Sandwich looks tasty though.

  • Aebony Mitchell

    lol? I think over easy eggs look the happiest actually and the world….and I thinking so deeply about eggs being happy. only you Tracee only you

  • jbarret

    Looks delicious Tracee! I love boiled eggs, especially egg whites, which I sometimes eat a lot of when I decide fast from meats!

  • Freddie

    Will try the egg recipe. My cooking skills are not that good and the eggs are the pitiful. Thanks for the tips!

  • ellesauvignon

    That looks really good, and simple!

  • Reign

    OMG, I want an egg sandwich right now after seeing this. That bread looks YUMMY

  • Jay

    I love farmer’s market eggs!! yum!

  • steph

    Lol! I love it!

  • MJ

    What is the name of the farm that makes the eggs? Can you get the eggs in a store like Wholefoods?

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