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Farmers Market Find: Persimmons

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Farmers Market Find: Persimmons Posted on November 20th, 2012 in Food.

While I was at the farmers market this past week I was chatting up one of the farmers who sold two types of persimmons. I found out that there is a “Hachiya” persimmon and a “Fuyu” persimmon. Apparently the Fuyu is perfectly in season now! I LOVE it! It tastes like Thanksgiving’s answer to an apple! Crunchy, sweet and slightly cinnamon-y!


  • I love persimmons I have craved this fruit for years. Tracee I want to pause for a moment to give
    thanks and take the gloves off. I would like to tell Diana, you and the rest of the family Happy Holidays and that I
    love all of you.

  • Neaski

    Simply de-lish!

  • Yellow251

    I made the mistake of eating a unripe persimmon, YUCK!!! The most chalkiness, drying, mess, ever!

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