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Don’t Worry, I Know ALL About Macaroni Pie Now!

Ok, ok, ok, I get it now. Pretty much everyone in the world but me knew about macaroni pie (thanks, Twitter). So let me explain: a commenter on the site described making a macaroni pie for the holidays. Well I was fascinated and had tons of questions, so in my most recent video I asked, and Taj was kind enough to answer. So for my own edification, and for anyone who isn’t from the islands, here is Taj’s description of the scrumptious sounding Macaroni Pie:

Taj Bruno

Thank you Tracee and my parents are from Grenada so what we consider macaroni pie I believe everyone else calls it “baked macaroni” as Karen and Anesha stated. We all do it differently and I like to add bread crumbs on my macaroni pie. I don’t have a photo of my macaroni pie but here is a photo of what the finished product looks like.

So thank you Taj, and thank you Twitter for showing me the wonders of Macaroni Pie!


  • Jac

    Try the fried mac and cheese balls from “Sweetie Pies”!!! Talking about needing a plunger for your arteries. LOL

  • Taj came through! I’ve never seen baked mac & cheese in a pie crust, so I learned something, too. As a diabetic I would never do this but it sounds yummy!

    • Taj

      Hi Iris, my parents are also diabetic so they can no longer enjoy a lot of the foods they used to. I wonder if there is a way to substitute some of the unhealthy ingredients so that you could enjoy it.

      • Well, it’s not the end of the world to not eat what you ate when you didn’t know better. But what you’ve got to do is ease the glycemic punch of the refined pasta. Starch is dangerous. Just last month I thought I’d do McDonalds again for old times’ sake and thought I was being careful, then noticed the old signs of going to the bathroom more and my eyes changing. Uh oh. I had gone from normal <150 to just under 500. Imagine my shock. So we always have to keep an eye on things. One a year isn't going to hurt, but I'd still see if replacing the pasta with cauliflower (it's a great sub for mashed potatoes); the cheese has a high level of saltmaybe mixing cheddar with ricotta. Not sure what I'd do with the crust other than remove it altogether like I do with my pumpkin pie.

  • Taj

    You are very welcome Tracee!!

  • Quanita

    I’m from Bermuda and some of us make macaroni and cheese with the following – campbells cheddar cheese soup, campbells mushroom soup, campbells onion soup (or you can use campbell celery soup). grated American Cheese, evaporated cream, touch of sugar and lawry seasoning salt. In a sauce pan add your soups, cream, cheese, salt & sugar. Make it creamy then add it to your boiled & strained macaroni. Grate cheese on top and bread crumbs and bake.

  • Sunshine

    Happy 2013 to all!!!!! I’m from Trinidad and my parents are from Grenada and we usually make macaroni pie on Sunday or for a high holiday like Christmas (not for Easter though because at that time we usually eat fish and ground provisions….). Usually we do not bake it in a pie shell though. We just bake it in a pyrex dish. Youtube has some videos of West Indian-Americans making it. In the southern Caribbean we usually use New Zealand cheddar alot. I don’t eat American cheddar; and for the top I mix the cheddar cheese with either bread crumbs or CRIX crumbs. It is divine!!! I was completely unaware that it was such a popular thing as I thought that mostly West Indians and people who live around us knew about it. I change the ingredients sometimes depending on what I have, my fav thing to put in it is bacon pieces or turkey bacon pieces it adds another layer of flavour (You must watch the calories though, it’s alot…LOL!!!)

  • Dee

    No bueno.

  • Amber Nefertari

    Yummmm! My dad is from Trinidad and we eat Macaroni Pie.
    My AA friends never understood what the heck I meant but someone finally knows hehe.
    It is soooo good.

  • Alexandria Johnson

    That looks delicious!

  • di

    I’m having Macaroni Pie On Christmas Day!!This is Happening.,Miss T!

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