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  • My kind of meal, it looks very tasty. On sunday i bought some fruits from the farmer’s market watermelon and pineapple. i made fresh juice out of it with a touch of fresh ginger. it was very nice ,simple pleasure……

  • Dee

    There’s no farmer’s market where I live. It’s the grocery store or nothing.

  • Yellow251

    Looks good! I made DH lamb chops last week. I marinated them with fresh garlic, fresh rosemary, EVOO, salt/pepper. I pan seared them in a cast iron skillet. I made a quick salad of mixed greens with Greek feta, kalamata olives, heirloom cherry tomatoes that I tossed in a homemade red wine vinaigrette. It looked amazing but I don’t eat lamb so I enjoyed the salad.

  • This is DEFINITELY my kind of meal and the Cote Du Rhone is the pretty red bow on top! I’ve been looking to really try to open up my palate and looking to explore all types of flavors so the Farmers Market idea is superb! Not sure if there’s one in my area but trust, this will find its way on my to-do-list. Thanks and great post!

  • ellesauvignon

    I’ve never made lamb chops but I have been wanting to try them for some time now! I have tasted them before, but not the right way.

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