Random Post


One of my favorite stops on the black-ish press tour before the premiere was a sit-down chat with Janet Mock for Larry King Now on Ora TV.  If you’ve never heard of her, she’s an incredible transgender woman who’s also a New York Times best-selling author, transgender rights activist, and just an all-around powerhouse!


Yes, it’s that time again: I’m looking for the deeper meaning of Hookah by Tyga and Young Thug, another song I bounce along to and long to understand.  I explore Tyga’s gentle nature, the importance of hydrating the skin, what it truly means to talk mathematics, and more. I really think I’ve solved a few mysteries of the song, although I might have created a couple more along the way! Tell me what you think!


T-Murda (copyright: YBF) strikes again…(by the way, I didn’t know what my rap name was and now I have one!) I attempt to decipher the lyrics of yet another song I hear on the radio. This time, it’s “Pass Me the Hookah” by Tyga and a fella named Young Thug. I obviously still have some questions even after finding the lyrics, so stay tuned for further exploration……


Perhaps you saw my recent Instagram video rapping along with Rae Sremmurd to No Flex Zone. I researched the lyrics so I could understand what I was bouncing along to in the car. It seems that many of us are confused by the meaning of this song and are searching for clarity about the zone. Well, I spent some time further exploring the zone…