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Expressing Your Inner on the Outer

Tracee - Flat Shoes

I love a stiletto but I am inspired by flats lately. So much so that I decided to make this little video for you. Chic and comfy! What more can you ask for? Here are the shoes I’m wearing in the video in the order that they appear: Zara patent loafer (in stores now), Celine platform (a DIVA flat), Zara black creeper, blue suede flats by Common Projects, Marni studded brogue and my Balenciaga brogue. Which pair are your favorite??

Tracee Cape

Sometimes a piece a clothing creates a feeling, sometimes even a scene (at least that’s what happens for me)! I discovered this cape in a friend’s storage unit and it just made me want to RUN… Hahaha!

So I recently posted a video in which I shared some of my favorite reworked vintage pieces (if you missed it, check it out here), and I was so excited by your responses! I love hearing that other people share a passion for vintage clothing. One reader, who commented as “Sing”, even submitted a picture of her reworked pieces, and they’re just gorgeous. I mean look at her! Lady, I may not know your name, but I love your picture! Anyways, this reader’s creativity inspired me to pose a challenge to you all: SHOW ME YOUR REWORKED VINTAGE! Leave pictures of your favorite vintage pieces in the comment section (you just might get a shout out in my next video)!