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Things That Make the Heart Sing–That Make you wanna do, be, & SHINE!

Tracee Ellis Ross - One Flight Up

This is a fun read and a page-turner for sure. It is about 4 women in the upper crust of NY being fabulous in their Jimmy Choos. I won’t give more away than that. Just read it. It has the right amount of sex, titillation and cheating to match up with a healthy dose of romance, love and fantasy. These 4 women are smart, flawed and sexy and the writing keeps your brain awake and wanting more. This is not heavy literature, but it is a damn fun read. I read the first book in the Shades of Grey series but I found myself flipping forward in the hopes of something that might really turn me on (yeah I said it). What was that writing? I couldn’t read beyond book one of Fifty Shades of Grey but One Flight Up held me. Plus, the added bonus here, that’s never mentioned (not even on the back cover): all four ladies are women of color. What a treat! How great to see this side of us. Go Susan Fales-Hill!!! Thank goodness you are writing. Now let’s turn this into a movie could we please!?!

Tracee Ellis Ross - Michael

While on vacation with my family, I was again re-united with my nephews “main man,” Michael.  I noticed one day that Michael was always around (so to speak) and so in the same way an article of clothing creates a character or a scene for me, this little stuffed man created an entire persona and life. Oh my mind is such a fun place. So, Meet Meek-a-el: a lovely french man. He likes yoga, pasta, VOGUE and naps. He’s a lover of life. He is MICHAEL!  Enjoy this video introduction, hahaha!