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Things That Make the Heart Sing–That Make you wanna do, be, & SHINE!

Tracee - Rapid Fire Questions

And we’re at it again!  When Chescaleigh and I had our FACE OFF, we also played a little game of my own making. The gist of it was that we each had to come up with a list of questions to ask the other person. You couldn’t know the questions ahead of time, and you had to answer them in rapid succession.  It was SOOO much fun!!!  So check out the video, and be sure to stick around for the end of it because we’ve got some rapid fire questions for you!  So leave your answers in the comments.

Tracee - Face Off

You may remember my last visit with YouTube extraordinaire, Chescaleigh. She’s the best, obviously, so when she came back into town we wanted to meet up and have some more YouTube fun! In this video, we faced off in a Face Off!  Hahaha, it was an absolute ball.  So tell me, which face is your favorite?