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TER Hair Love Response 2

Your #HairLove responses were amazing!  I’m so glad that we now have this collection of videos celebrating our hair, and ourselves in general. It’s just amazing. Watching your videos, I noticed several themes emerging so I wanted to make a playlist highlighting some of those videos that really struck a cord with me. So please, enjoy this video, and answer my new #HairLove question!

Tracee Ellis Ross Hair Love

So the other day I reposted an image that I saw on Instagram that absolutely killed me!  Seriously, I was crying with laughter.  As funny as it was, it started to stir something inside me–a bit of which I expressed in my Instagram caption— but the more I thought on it, the more I realized it needed a larger response.  So I took to my laptop and recorded a video! Apologies for the blurriness, I’m doing my best to be more technologically savvy but apparently it’s a process, hahaha! Anyways, hope you enjoy a bit of my hair story, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear why you LOVE YOUR HAIR!

Tracee Talking Hair

I recently sat down for a chat with YouTube sensation: Chescalocs. She’s wonderful, hilarious, and really just the best! Anyways, last time we gabbed about life and the interwebs, but this video is all about HAIR! It was so much fun yapping away with her, and I wanted to share the video proof with you. Plus we have a very important question for you! So answer in the comments!