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Operation Black Hair by Jessica Williams, The Daily Show

Operation Black Hair is absolutely hair-larious! As you all know, hair love is something that’s very close to my heart, and it’s come to the nation’s attention that the United States Army’s new hair regulations are unfairly targeting Black women and styles that compliment our natural hair texture. According to Army Regulation 670-1, cornrows and dreads are perceived as messy and get in the way of Black women doing their jobs. Seriously, weaves, wigs, and box braids are the approved options?? REALLY?!?! Do they really think that Black women have time to sit for those styles while they’re busy protecting our country?  Or even have access to get these styles done while on deployment?? Jessica Williams does a FANTASTIC job shining the light on this issue in a humorous way, and kudos to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show for bringing awareness to this ridiculous policy!


I recently visited Hotlanta to chat about hair – u know i love me some hair talk! – at the Optimum Legendary Style Soiree with Johnny Wright, who is officially one of my new FAV humans. I decided to ask some of the ladies in attendance about their hair and what #legendarystyle means to them, and got some great responses!  Thank you Optimum Salon Hair Care, and all the gorgeous ladies of the ATL who shared their #hairlove with me!

#LegendaryStyle with Johnny Wright of Optimum Salon Hair Care

As you know, Johnny Wright is responsible for the beautifully luscious locks of the the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.  So he knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to gorgeous healthy hair. And you know I’m always interested in all things hair. Well, I was able to sit down with him for a chat and he shared some secrets and we discussed some fabulous products from Optimum AMLA legend that we both think are FABU, like the Rejuvenating Oil and the Treasured Temple Edge Tamer. Nothing like a product that does what is claims to. There’s a full Optimum Amla Legend haircare, styling and hair color portfolio, so I’d love to hear what your faves are!