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Feed the Belly, Nourish the Soul!

salmon AHA Tracee

Well everyone, it looks like this is the last heart healthy tip from the American Heart Association, but we hope you to continue to learn and challenge yourself to take simple steps to keep yourself healthy.   For the last post, we decided to end things on a yummy note: a recipe!  Substituting fish for red meat can do wonders for your heart., so check out this great American Heart Association approved dish of poached salmon with creamy piccata sauce.  We really hope you enjoy.  We also hope you’ve enjoyed the tips this month. We hope you’ve learned a lot, and challenged yourself to be heart healthy!  Okay on to the GRUB!!!

Ok, ok, ok, I get it now. Pretty much everyone in the world but me knew about macaroni pie (thanks, Twitter). So let me explain: a commenter on the site described making a macaroni pie for the holidays. Well I was fascinated and had tons of questions, so in my most recent video I asked, and Taj was kind enough to answer. So for my own edification, and for anyone who isn’t from the islands, here is Taj’s description of the scrumptious sounding Macaroni Pie: